The food dilemma, fast food this time

Ok,so I found a great blog,sadly it’s only in spanish,but if you can here it is :

So,we all have read how bad is McDonald’s and Burguer King and for example, how good is Subway and yoghurt ice cream..right?

Well yes and no,why?

1.- No one is forcing anyone to go eat hamburguers with fries and what not,you people could make home made burguers with minced meat and it would be much much much better. You choose your poison!

2.- Subway is at core the healthiest fast food,no,it has the greatest potential to be,since most people will order tons of cheese ( cheese = fat please, so don’t go crazy with it ) mayo and wack-ass dressings and soda and chips…really what’s the point? I always get the veggie without cheese,pickles and olives ( I don’t like that,not cause it’s bad,but pickles have crazy ass sodium ) with LITTLE sweet onion dressing ,the bread? Depends on my mood

3.- Soda,Flavored tea,Juices, all of that has insane amounts of sugar,like fucking crazy ass quantities, prefer to eat the whole fruit or make the juice at home! For tea..again,have it unsugared,and soda..if you just would not drink any it’d be the best.

So,we are what we eat,we should read labels on food,try to eat more natural meals,exercise and not believe all we see on TV or the net,like miracle diets and pills or working out machines that do none to little.  What goes beyond me is people being visibly overweight and indulging on iced coffee with pulverized oreo cookies…come on people!



“Exercise is King and Nutrition is Queen: together you have a Kingdom”.
– Jack Lalanne

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