Masturbation is boring and other wonders

Ha! think lots of people will read this because of the title,well I tried to look for information,but google would kept insisting on skipping my “no,don’t like” on the search text… oh wait,it worked when i changed to english… ok damn you Latin horny people haha…ok nothing enlightening just people wondering if something is wrong with them…you see? WHY do we have to believe what most/others do is right and if we don’t like it’s not? I’m 28 years old now,and I am tired and sick of people thinking I don’t masturbate,cos I’m a woman and I super do it,I just don’t tell? I’m one of the most open up people when it comes to sex…and I’m telling ya! I DO NOT LIKE TO MASTURBATE COS I FIND IT OF NO INTEREST TO ME AT ALL.

Then again,I don’t love sex either…I mean,it’s fine,for a while,then I don’t know… it just sores or it hurts or it’s not fun anymore…kissing and making out is usually good tho,but not the actual sex…. I think it’s something in my head,cause well,I am sorta apathetic when it comes to it after a certain point.

This should not mean that if I liked sex I’d masturbate 50 times a day,I know others,few tho,who like sex and do it a lot and still find no amusement in doing themselves.A friend suggested to me I should know my body and shit,well I think that’s bollocks,I don’t wanna know anything,I am fine thank you.

Anyhow felt like sharing this cause it’s quite annoying,that and people who thinks smoking weed is so cool and they are so awesome and that it’s not a drug just cause it’s a plant? …fuck you too,smoking whatever is fine,I don’t mind,but thinking ur the shit and preaching…geee.

So if you are  pot head who jacks off,do so,just don’t rub it in my face or be surprised when I tell ya,it’s not for me. cause it is not for everyone dammit!

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