Brand new key

So… there are some things that are not what they used to be,not what they used to be…haha, like…I am going to be a smarter person and not include too many references/names so I don’t have to fucking take them away later on when everything has crumbled to pieces…didn’t we know that already? Also I am going to be more open about stuff…that I feel like to be open about…

For example,I still don’t like masturbation…NOW ,as a secondary tool to other activities,not necessarily presencial sex, is quite ok! alone is still the boredom,so guess this applies for sex… I don’t like if I don’t have some sorta feelings… how odd is that… tho it’s awesome cos it means I got an integrated auto cheating program. haha

So I’ve moved on and I am planning to do super awesome stuff with my life,as usual it’s a wait and see, like almost all things are, but it might come out right…first steps are taken and time runs smoothly… For starters, I am now entirely sure I do like women, and that if I was gonna spend my life or something, it’d had to be a girl. That’s nice eh,like,not that I was trying out to see…some things happened that I can’t quite explain…

Like me being a fat seal,I did omg, I saw these old pictures ,I had never been so heavy, I weighted like  2 tons…well no, but I had fat on my back for crying out loud!!!  fat going everywhere,not that friendly belly,no no,massive amounts of obesity!!! I think I am not gonna complain much now, I have belly and all,but …. I look like a person and I have  waistline…that’s like a super plus,so don’t ever feel bad!!

So…feeling damn good and going to gym,this new trainer is killing me,but I luv it cos it means in 5 months I’m going to be the shit and you are gonna fucking watch.

Hmm missing someone ^^







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