American Horror Story

–** Recap,Spoiler,massive!!–**


Ok,since apparently it’s more polite to inform people that they are gonna know all about something..then again it’s currently airing, and people who want to catch up..DO WANT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT IT… methinks! So, this is a new TV show, it’s very weird, very confusing, very wtf just happened and why am I seeing visions within the TV screen?

We have a house,which is to be known as the “Murder house” what a lovely name!! I surely would enjoy moving to a place like that…not! ever! So there is a couple, psychiatrist Ben and former musician woman Vivien, they have a dorky daughter Violet…there is a strange woman ( Jessica Lange ) whose name I don’t remember or ever give any importance to,right Constance, and her ah daughter with Down syndrom.. nothing against those people but can’t be bothered to use such a long name every time,she’s gonna be ultra spooky slow girl… I’m watching first episodes cos I could not properly follow on TV due to signal being crappy or me being sleepy..

Dorky daughter Violet..gonna use only names from now on.. gets into a fight with classic bully chick and her 2 bully but not so hysterical friends…Ben tries to get closer to his wife, but she had a miscarriage and is not in the mood for hoompaloompa!!…wtf mongoloid girl shows up in the living room,tells Vivien she’s gonna die and then girl’s mom shows up and is all weird and gives Vivien sage to cleanse the spirits of the house…I would of had been outta there that very instant!!! Y U NO ESCAPE?

Now we meet Tate or Tete or however your write his name.blond super weird dude.ahh he pictures himself as the zombie boy, I love it when TV shows relate to other popular pop and internet culture events! oh yes he befriends Violet..who’s a cutter..well self injurer whatevs.. ahh how lovely a blonde guy dreaming of freeing people from this filthy world and a fucked up girl fall in love.. ❤

Now we get to know,Moira,the dead..erm old the husband sees her as she was.. slutty maidoservice! and Vivien and Violet ( gonna call them team V ) see her as an old creppy yet gentle lady…

So we have some more bonding on the cute lil morbid teenagers.. T and V…hmm OH, maid masturbation gratitous scene! The husband jerks off to it…well he and the wife haven’t had sex in a mother fucking year.. I guess he’s not thaaaat much of a  pig then….ok man with burnt face,who killed his family and has brain cancer showed up… Mongogirl is making a mess..she sees dead people apparently, you know, I’ve watched up to last episode and I am sorta having a trouble knowing who’s dead,who’s not and who has only psychotic visions..  Violet catches dad with the old maid on her lap..WAIT A MOMENT, 8 episodes and they have not talked enough to know the 2 females see the maid old and the dude sees her young? Wtf family dinners are forsaken!!!

Fucking insecure houses,everyone just go in and out when it pleases them..seriously, alarm..oh they do have one, u-s-e-l-e-s-s!

At any case… I am sure rich woman from the 20’s or something is dead ( she shows up later), Ben’s affair student chick is dead ( due to being killed by guy with burnt face), Moira the maid is dead too,well damn dead… I am not sure tho..about Mongogirl,Constance aka Jessica Lange and blonde dude…  Some people are dead and are linked to the house somehow… and some like casually appear? The hell?..I think they are all dead now! 


Awwwwhmmm!!! Dead maid… burnt guy finds her remains…and she is looking from the window..that’s sad..did  make me shed some tears…


ok I like,worth watching,do so.


Time to sleep

I dunno why, tonight’s been hard… and lonely..and shit… my eyes are getting red…




You have to watch this if nothing else in your life

Brand new key

It’s a cool song by Rasputina, the song itself has nothing to do with the post, but the “brand new” might.

So,my year has started awesomely,I yesterday went to hang out with this bunch of gay people, we watched zombieland, and commented on how we don’t like to go out and to places with tons of people… basically anti-social people commenting on it while socializing, it’s very bizarre, they are respectful tho and smart, so I think I’m gonna hang out with them more. Also on saturday I see highschool friend, I think going out once a week or something it’s good for me, I am also making people apologizing for stuff they have done, if this wouldn’t be done then I stop talking to them, I am very happy cos I’m finally getting a grip of this stand up for yourself thing, yes my gf has much to do with it,I am being more clear and taking things like they are,I feel I’ve improved a tad bit ;D  it’s super awesome, this year seems like it’s gonna be the beginning of many good things!!!

I also got introduced to some loud music,I am enjoying, and gym is open and I’m gonna start going again,I am glad I left the diet, I would of continued if I was like before…I also found out 110 lbs is not a healthy weight apparently  haha, so all in all, I’m fine, I am a good friend and I am very interesting, where are you gonna find someone like me? Whether that’s good or bad is yet to be determined.

On a side note,I’m also writing more,which is awesome co it’s one of my best hummm ways to let things out and to communicate.


She’s got you high

I love that song…keep romance alive…open your mind believe it’s gonna come…;>

So complex smileys…    ;<        <.<      -.-        ^^            (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Anyway,I was thinking,I deleted a person from Facebook,cause even tho he was an ok friend,I even thought a good one,he only makes contact to ask for help,he didn’t reply to my message when I wanted to stay friends even tho I was done with the ex,he contacted me tho,like 3 weeks later to help him find a game…so fuck him. Gay friends are ok now,they no longer like physical comedy as it seems ( garbage bin…)gonna talk to them tho,and make sure they don’t even think about it ever again. We were 18..maybe young people are sillier,now they are old like me and it’s better. ^^

I haven’t been good with friends,I am picky,but still somehow take what I can I guess,you see,I don’t really hate going on my own to do things,like on thursday,I am supposed to meet Mu, who is a good friend but is always busy,those singers,but maybe she is busy,if such,I go alone and spend like 45 mins. Believe it or not it’s fun.

So,as a kid I was beat up at Kinder garten,then elementary school,at highschool I finally decided to get violent…I’d love to tell people to knock it out before getting too’s really hard tho,or ordering stuff…Damn Dr. “You will be fine!” Yes,I am fine but those social concepts would be useful….Ohh Canada thank you for the medical health care.

I am gonna go for quality instead of quantity,not like I’ve had many friends,but eventho,they were mostly idiots,just slightly fun. Highschool friend is super cool,she cheers for me and stuff,but with a 10 year old kid you don’t go out too much.We’ll see.

The point is,I am not letting people be idiots to me,being assholes is ok,but like,you know,in a good way.I still need somehow someone to stand up for me ( wink) but I’m gonna also do it myself,in my own.I’m gonna make others respect myself dammit! And no more super apologizing 56 times,once heartfelt is enough and I shall not go on about same shit for ages.well except things I don’t get…lol

From now on people will treasure me for the cool,fun,and I assure,very peculiar girl I am!


Yes,the image is absolutely related.



I felt bad when Brittany Murphy died,I loved her movies,she was a great actress. I decided to watch her last film…ever..that sounds so morbid…jeeebus,so the movie is Deadline from 2009. She was found dead in the tub…like in the film ,movies sometimes are too much like life..or…Let me,let me tell ya :

If you are gonna live on your own,in a huge house,in the middle of nowhere,for a week ( Didn’t you see “I spit on your grave” to see those elements combined are a no no no?) ,do not look at old tapes,which go from loving relationship to murder attempt,do not play piano in the middle of the night,it makes the house already creepier,also I know close ups are good in a film,but the door knob isn’t too scary,really,after the third time it opens,I am fully aware something is going on,so get on with it!!!

Also,impersonating a dead person,wearing her make up and clothing,will turn you into a medium to find out how she died…which sometimes conveniently it’s the way you could of had died if your abusive husband had been successful. Random light goes on in empty room..don’t go look! Omg why you people have to go be all curious!!! Camcorders make for creepy stories and murder evidence. and can lead to cam filming wars while being chased yay!And the only way to find peace in death is to haunt a person who moves into the house lived in while alive and having them scare the person who killed you so you can appear and kick him down the stairs. Awesome


WTF ending…the writer,Alice,Brittany Murphy had videos of her “friend” ?? She did all?







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