I felt bad when Brittany Murphy died,I loved her movies,she was a great actress. I decided to watch her last film…ever..that sounds so morbid…jeeebus,so the movie is Deadline from 2009. She was found dead in the tub…like in the film ,movies sometimes are too much like life..or…Let me,let me tell ya :

If you are gonna live on your own,in a huge house,in the middle of nowhere,for a week ( Didn’t you see “I spit on your grave” to see those elements combined are a no no no?) ,do not look at old tapes,which go from loving relationship to murder attempt,do not play piano in the middle of the night,it makes the house already creepier,also I know close ups are good in a film,but the door knob isn’t too scary,really,after the third time it opens,I am fully aware something is going on,so get on with it!!!

Also,impersonating a dead person,wearing her make up and clothing,will turn you into a medium to find out how she died…which sometimes conveniently it’s the way you could of had died if your abusive husband had been successful. Random light goes on in empty room..don’t go look! Omg why you people have to go be all curious!!! Camcorders make for creepy stories and murder evidence. and can lead to cam filming wars while being chased yay!And the only way to find peace in death is to haunt a person who moves into the house lived in while alive and having them scare the person who killed you so you can appear and kick him down the stairs. Awesome


WTF ending…the writer,Alice,Brittany Murphy had videos of her “friend” ?? She did all?







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