She’s got you high

I love that song…keep romance alive…open your mind believe it’s gonna come…;>

So complex smileys…    ;<        <.<      -.-        ^^            (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Anyway,I was thinking,I deleted a person from Facebook,cause even tho he was an ok friend,I even thought a good one,he only makes contact to ask for help,he didn’t reply to my message when I wanted to stay friends even tho I was done with the ex,he contacted me tho,like 3 weeks later to help him find a game…so fuck him. Gay friends are ok now,they no longer like physical comedy as it seems ( garbage bin…)gonna talk to them tho,and make sure they don’t even think about it ever again. We were 18..maybe young people are sillier,now they are old like me and it’s better. ^^

I haven’t been good with friends,I am picky,but still somehow take what I can I guess,you see,I don’t really hate going on my own to do things,like on thursday,I am supposed to meet Mu, who is a good friend but is always busy,those singers,but maybe she is busy,if such,I go alone and spend like 45 mins. Believe it or not it’s fun.

So,as a kid I was beat up at Kinder garten,then elementary school,at highschool I finally decided to get violent…I’d love to tell people to knock it out before getting too’s really hard tho,or ordering stuff…Damn Dr. “You will be fine!” Yes,I am fine but those social concepts would be useful….Ohh Canada thank you for the medical health care.

I am gonna go for quality instead of quantity,not like I’ve had many friends,but eventho,they were mostly idiots,just slightly fun. Highschool friend is super cool,she cheers for me and stuff,but with a 10 year old kid you don’t go out too much.We’ll see.

The point is,I am not letting people be idiots to me,being assholes is ok,but like,you know,in a good way.I still need somehow someone to stand up for me ( wink) but I’m gonna also do it myself,in my own.I’m gonna make others respect myself dammit! And no more super apologizing 56 times,once heartfelt is enough and I shall not go on about same shit for ages.well except things I don’t get…lol

From now on people will treasure me for the cool,fun,and I assure,very peculiar girl I am!


Yes,the image is absolutely related.


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