Brand new key

It’s a cool song by Rasputina, the song itself has nothing to do with the post, but the “brand new” might.

So,my year has started awesomely,I yesterday went to hang out with this bunch of gay people, we watched zombieland, and commented on how we don’t like to go out and to places with tons of people… basically anti-social people commenting on it while socializing, it’s very bizarre, they are respectful tho and smart, so I think I’m gonna hang out with them more. Also on saturday I see highschool friend, I think going out once a week or something it’s good for me, I am also making people apologizing for stuff they have done, if this wouldn’t be done then I stop talking to them, I am very happy cos I’m finally getting a grip of this stand up for yourself thing, yes my gf has much to do with it,I am being more clear and taking things like they are,I feel I’ve improved a tad bit ;D  it’s super awesome, this year seems like it’s gonna be the beginning of many good things!!!

I also got introduced to some loud music,I am enjoying, and gym is open and I’m gonna start going again,I am glad I left the diet, I would of continued if I was like before…I also found out 110 lbs is not a healthy weight apparently  haha, so all in all, I’m fine, I am a good friend and I am very interesting, where are you gonna find someone like me? Whether that’s good or bad is yet to be determined.

On a side note,I’m also writing more,which is awesome co it’s one of my best hummm ways to let things out and to communicate.


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