Marry the night , Glee season 3 episode 7 and whatevs

What a fucking awesome video..and the song,yes one should not like feel bad or shamed for the troubles or dark moments they’ve been through,but feel proud cause they’ve been able to move past them,so fuck that shit. You rule Lady Gaga!

So,Glee got over me and I had to watch the latest episodes of the new season,,it’s awesome..the Adele mix thing whatever the.. troubled tones? did, I admit it,I like many songs made by Glee,I have watched, but I’m not a real huge ass follower, my gf is tho,hey did you notice how I am gay? Well anyway, that song was amazing and now I’m watching this episode which is about Santana coming out -gasps,yes she is a lesbian omfg- I think it’s cool how they are treating it, I mean,I saw a bad review about it but I dunno why,well yes I do, the song, “I kissed a girl” is not about being a lesbian or etc blah blah,but if you don’t over think and are a feminist crazy lesbian,it’s a fun song, it is!  but let’s not be done with it yet, the other chicks stood up by her and that is awesome, now lemme watch more.

Awwm Santana coming out her abuelita… Santana is latina??… GOOD JOB ME,IM SO QUICK CATCHING STUFF!..damn abuelita should understand!!! anyway… I remember coming out.. my aunt sorta understood quickly and when mom was doubting to ask me,aunt told her to ask ,and I quote  “Are you sexually interested in women”… can’t be something you dodge xD at fucking 2 am… I was 15..was awesome.

Rosario + Vampire manga season 2 is done with for now…NOOOO,it’s so good,this whole..vampire thing and monster school, the vampire chick has this.. 2 personalities ..and there’s an ancient super supreme vampire..and stuff.. now tell me that ain’t cool??? mentally unstable monsters!

The woman . A serbian film

Yesterday I got me like 9 movies to watch, the first one was “The woman” which is…well..apparently a sequel to “The offspring” but I didn’t see that one,so..

The Woman

I watched it..we have this dude,who is a lawyer,and he is the absolute scumbag most despicable piece of shit I’ve seen lately,the wife.. ANGELA BETTIS, why every movie you are in makes me feel bad? In a good way,means it reached some place..but come on. She is the submissive wife to this horrible man,they have a daughter,who is pregnant ( yes, dad’s a lil rapist ),a son who is a douchebag in the making! and a cute little poor girl who I hope no one did anything to…

So,movie starts,we see a little girl being bullied,maybe later on molested by some older kids…the son is like watching and continues to practice his basketball moves…they go home,dad goes to hunt,he finds a wild woman,he captures her and tries to “civilize her” cause torture and rape for sure do that to people yes?

So I won’t spoil much,thing is,the ending was… who the fuck was that … girl with no eyes living like a wild dog in the backyard!?  oh yes,ok fuck the no spoiling,the lesbian teacher notices the daughter is pregnant and goes to the house to talk about it,the man gets angry ,hits her,and gives her as food to the dogs and said wild child thing..that happens when people try to be nice around psycho families!

So at the end ,the daughter frees the wild woman,who whacks the son in two with a wooden plank,yes how awesome is that,and rips out the heart of the husband dude,yes some people flipped cos “omg how can a woman who’s so smaller be able to do that!?” well,she was in the wild,killing wolves and shit,dude was in panic and she wanted for me! Ah right,she killed the mother…well the mother did warn dude about one of the chain locking tables breaking,thus stopping wild woman from being free,so..she had it right there.

So movie ends and wild woman takes little girl with her,dog girl follows,and pregnant daughter follows too… Yes..


A serbian Film

Let’s see a retired porn star..who’s happily married now and with a kid,accepts this shady job,which offers a shitload of money for it…too good eh? Well there’s like a 14 year old who’s randomly in scenes just watching,dude gets uncomfy and quits..or tries to,cos he is drugged and he goes on a crazy sex spree and fucks what he can,which takes us to the last grand scene…he fucks cloaked persons,2 of them,then switches with a masked dude…and guess what? one is his wife and one is his son…yikes! and masked dude is his BROTHER,who is a cop! Ah right some dude raped the porn star..anyway,it ends like wife,kid and father embrace and he shoots them three at same time.

Wtf Serbia? still,nothing has beaten Martyrs yet.



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