Marry the night , Glee season 3 episode 7 and whatevs

What a fucking awesome video..and the song,yes one should not like feel bad or shamed for the troubles or dark moments they’ve been through,but feel proud cause they’ve been able to move past them,so fuck that shit. You rule Lady Gaga!

So,Glee got over me and I had to watch the latest episodes of the new season,,it’s awesome..the Adele mix thing whatever the.. troubled tones? did, I admit it,I like many songs made by Glee,I have watched, but I’m not a real huge ass follower, my gf is tho,hey did you notice how I am gay? Well anyway, that song was amazing and now I’m watching this episode which is about Santana coming out -gasps,yes she is a lesbian omfg- I think it’s cool how they are treating it, I mean,I saw a bad review about it but I dunno why,well yes I do, the song, “I kissed a girl” is not about being a lesbian or etc blah blah,but if you don’t over think and are a feminist crazy lesbian,it’s a fun song, it is!  but let’s not be done with it yet, the other chicks stood up by her and that is awesome, now lemme watch more.

Awwm Santana coming out her abuelita… Santana is latina??… GOOD JOB ME,IM SO QUICK CATCHING STUFF!..damn abuelita should understand!!! anyway… I remember coming out.. my aunt sorta understood quickly and when mom was doubting to ask me,aunt told her to ask ,and I quote  “Are you sexually interested in women”… can’t be something you dodge xD at fucking 2 am… I was 15..was awesome.

Rosario + Vampire manga season 2 is done with for now…NOOOO,it’s so good,this whole..vampire thing and monster school, the vampire chick has this.. 2 personalities ..and there’s an ancient super supreme vampire..and stuff.. now tell me that ain’t cool??? mentally unstable monsters!

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