One thing or two

I have to sleep soon, I’m still on the 30 minutes I agreed to!

So..yes it turns out other people can also jump into conclusions and do things I do… Words are important cos they deliver our messages  about how we feel, I know this but I think I wasn’t completely aware and actively trying to make them work like that, also.. dirty clothes you wash at home.. it’s a spanish saying, meaning you dicuss private things privately. Makes damn lotta sense eh?

Well… I may appear like a crazy person ( no shit ) but… Is it odd to feel happy that I’ve met the one person , in my 29 years of life, that I can get into an argument, ( yes it takes two to tango ) and I ( except I think 2 times ) wanna stay there and eventually we work things out? Like.. I dunno… I am happy and well.. in few days I write more about some stuff that I’m not mentioning clearly now ^^

In any case.. I’m learning more about myself, the world, how things are, and how to approach her. It’s all good, I am gonna do my part, I am paying attention !

It gets worse with people I hold in high regard, I tend to think they can be beyond all and perfectly know how to handle with everything.. how fucking stressing that must be for them… I sometimes just don’t realize the extent of the consequences of my actions towards people that I love, and that love me, I just for some reason think they are unaffected, maybe I think they are so cool they can’t get hurt or something…  This shall happen less and less till it never happens again , they are the ones I never wanna make feel bad.



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