Life is a journey, time is a river, the door is ajar.

Taken from Dead Beat, Jim Butcher, Dresden files anthology, I don’t know why. I’m barely thinking now.

So…after months of saving receipts carefully,gathering papers,asking ,praying and hoping… No, not enough funds, no intentions to come back to my country,not (good enough?) family ties… not good reasons to go,not good enough travel history… I was in fucking Germany for 2 months, in England… seriously, what is it that you want? So, today has been NO .

So now..seeing other p0ssibilities, I check, it comes down to this :

– Take a language course, which is like 1,800 dlls.

– Try to go to a college, the money needed for this is between 8 and 12 k, if this is upfront, it’s a very unlikely scenario,would have to wait about a year and a bit.

– Go directly for a job, a career here would help, refer to previous point.

– Save for 2 more months or so and apply for a 7 days visit,maybe then money would be “enough”

* In any of these cases, priority is to find a cool awesome killer job,well a pretty good one,save like mad…keep saving like mad and… well.. that’s the only mandatory thing. Besides taking TOEFL ,it’s good for any of the scenarios, add 160 dlls.

Let it be Ca or Us, it’s all way closer,career leads to a better job, well to a job.

So, checking school,sent emails,made account,applying , sent 3000 job applications too.

Now what?


Do I need to say I am extremely sad and dissapointed? I thought I was so close to visit, ugh.


  1. Keep holding your head high, working hard and staying focused and you will reach your true potential.

    • Thanks .

  2. it can and will work out.

    • for real yo.

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