Oasis en el desierto

Ok it’s about time I write about this, it’s a bit hard due to the lack of glasses that is caused by the falling on my face event…

So, I’m single, again, turns out she wasn’t who I thought she was, at all, it was all a very well planned bait, I must admit, it took me a little bit to realize this, but at least I grew a pair and ended it. It’s all much better now , I’m just confused, since I don’t know if I should count that as dating, since it was a mere disguise…a fake person . Humm

I discovered I NEED to be single for a while, at least some months, I actually don’t wanna get involved for good at least till I’m in New York ( long story hooray goal in life ) so.. we’ll see.

This year has been much better, but for reasons that I wasn’t taking enough in consideration, I’ve made awesome true friends, I have my ny sistah and I’ve learned a big deal about me,also starting to look good ,thanks gym.

So, going forward.—>

There’s this band I LOVE called Bloodflowerz ,sadly they don’t play anymore, but oh whoa,they are so so so good. will write more about that later on.

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