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This won't be again


How far away those days seem

I want that to be again…long time.


❤ you

Hunger games Book “VS” Movies and traces

Alright I’ll do this since I just finished “The hunger games” and I started “Catching fire” The books are impressively short, well if you are used to 600+ pages, they are short somehow, I liked the first book, I can maybe see a bit why people made such a hassle but it’s really not that bad. Yes,this Katniss is more…hmm…I like both versions..there is ONE thing I would of included in movie tho, the mutts ( those animal that chase them at the end ) being similar/being the other tributes, that is quite disturbing, it would of been awesome!!! Other than that zip it.

I’m frankly tired of being sick…I know it could be something horrible blah blah,save it. I just haven’t been able to do anything cos I got my foot thing,then I got a bad flu/fever,now I got it again and I’m so stuffed up I can hardly breathe at night and I thought I was close to go to gym again, at this point I just don’t wanna do anything anymore,fuck gym and fuck all,not even can do that right. I guess it must sound shallow,well it is, there are people who are really sick,and here I am complaining for mere 3 weeks…really? Well I’d trade my place of them

I did nice at Tibia tonight,we got very expensive items and I’m selling it all cos I was “poor” there, if I had half what I have there irl I could just go do my thing…I was having this good feeling about next week getting university paper and a job,good luck with that…I may get it start saving and…yes,you know it!

I was going to do a nice post about how people leave traces and marks on other’s lives and how I expect I have left at least one but how I fear that’s not been the case nor it will be,but well sometimes you don’t need to be face to face to feel close.I may appear like I’m gone but that’s hardly true,people who has managed to make it as far as being in,never leave,unless they are assholes,for that, in this particular moment and time, I have my mind set to meet at least 2 of those 3 people.

The hunger games and wheelchairs

Eating at the supermarket

This is a picture of me about to eat,from the supermarket wheelchair cos I woke up with a very sore calf,so I thought “Oh well,will use this for once” and it’s very..weird,people are nicer to you ¬¬, some things you cannot reach! but was fun and no, I was not just being silly, it really hurts like a mother fucker,hope it’s better tomorrow.

So,Iza suggested we would go to movies, I said ok, let us watch The hunger games, cos even if I have not read the books ( I’m gonna,worry not) I heard a lot about it,mostly bad things from an ex,but that betch hates all so fuck that xD, I did like it, I LOVED Katniss Evergreen, I’m sure Imma love her forever after I read the books ❤ Well, there’s nothing to spoil,it is obvious she doesn’t die… but man I felt bad for huron lady who died poisoned…and the black girl…awmmmmm!!! :/ Psycho knife throwing girl was cutesy too in a deranged way xD. I’ve read that some people are very unpleased with the adaptation…but we all know it’s hard to properly take  books to the screen..and that is why I decided I’d watch movie first. I’m eager to watch second one and of course will have all books read soon.

Hmm, so there was cutest vehicle ever :

pink vespa ftw

Also, no more twitter either… I really need to get away from those lesbians LOL, of course this excludes Gaby ,I think Iza, the other Nancy if she’s good lol.

There was this party on saturday and I was told I already shed some lil weight,and it’s true I feel my t shirt doesn’t cling on my fatness as much xD so happy… cos ya know,if I managed to look bit better in 2 weeks..and I couldn’t even work out..oh sweet mama ,so I’m looking forward to it ❤ Can’t wait to be back at gym and well…I got a WII now,thanks mom! so I’m gonna  play like a mother fucker :3!!

don't mind the dude,look at HER



Well,well, I got new glasses,bad to say of me,but damn I look good with them,or rather they look good on me, they are very light and most important, I can fucking see!!! xD No more missing buses!!

My feet are so much better,the wonders few pills and simple exercises  can do …cough and that is also much better..bad thing is what it left..I ALWAYS get freaking cold sores when I get fever…and always above my lip…ugh ,fucking hate it,so I’m applying aciclovir like a maniac. u.u  Of course NO one can see me like this…so gym and people will have to wait  <.<

I’m playing Tibia again…and I’m liking it, I’m now 121 :3 , found awesome new monsters to kill, love’em werewolves,and gotta kill 300 of them so…and 500 green djinns…yes that might not make sense to you…see if I care,and if it does… well..join me in Astera, same name since 2004, Todesangst. Yes ,loveliest name ever.

I deactivated my FB account since I was being told by other means that I was sent invitations and stuff..after I told everyone I was not gonna look at it..and I did,for people to see I was serious, I had to do this,plus it’s not like zomg gone forever, it’s right there,waiting,but ya know,feet,cold sore..Imma be lucky if finally I can go to gym on freaken Monday. And from that day we count the 2 months again ¬¬ I HATE set backs but oh well. Gotta try harder, I really wanna fit those damn jeans. and it’s “only” 7 kilograms ( to start with) so ;D

I’m loving my WII ❤ definitely need more games,and more fitness ones, on sunday I go get some.

This post feels more like a news flash,oh wait,it’s cos it’s exactly that…well at least I can now write ,that makes me super …not gonna say “happy” Ya know I don’t really like that word….so tricky.

Hmm I would like to have a girlfriend..yes I would,one who liked to kiss a lot. ^^


2 posts seguidos…y en español omfg :O

Tengo gripe/tos,fascitis plantar, escucho a la Zabaleta, con su versión de “Mala” de Liliana Felipe.. me siento tan infinitamente lencha y homosexual en este momento… fucking love it.

So, haven’t used Facebook,since… that day…when the fuck was that… ¬¬ I forgot, like 4 days ago I think, I am using twitter now… I don’t think Twitter is right for me though… I miss wall wars..and I do like reading the twitter, like…a weird newspaper, I can even see some flirting going on… between people I sorta know… makes me feel dirty in a weird not too good way…maybe it’ll get better, haha.  140 characters are way too few..but that is why we like to blog, yes we do.

Mi super apuesta… se supone que contaba desde el otro lunes…tendré que pedir 1 semana de grace o 2… con los pies inflamados  y la gripe/tos no puede hacer ejercicio ni dios. ¬¬ Y sabemos que eso es malo…además..esto de los pies,bueno como decirlo,es excelente que mis 68 kilos no sean de pura manteca, pero aunque tenga 4 tallas menos y de ese peso,mucho sea músculo…siguen siendo 20 kilos más para cargar,así que aparte de mi apuesta..TENGO que bajar esos 7-8 kilos de grasa ugh…suena tan gross. Así que venga.




Tina de pies!

Pies jodidos , sueños grises

Bueno,ahora resulta que tengo fascitis plantar..vale,lo admito, el tae bo matutino + el gym + la elíptica + la única practica de tochito a la que pude ir + caminar más o menos 3 horas en suelo duro no son cosas que yo pueda hacer…lo del gym y el tae si, lo hacía no hace mucho, por favor recordemos el post de .. que pereza buscarlo… en fin, pero lo de caminar hasta que me tenga que casi quitar los pies hacía mucho no lo hacía,y ya no puedo aparentemente.  Venga aceptaré mi edad y mis limitaciones, creo que tanto juntarme con gente joven me ha hecho perder perspectiva de lo que realmente puedo hacer…oh genial, I’m old besides being fat ¬¬.

Lo más chungo de tener los pies inflamados y no poder ni caminar bien es que obviamente no podré ir al gym, :/ Si,claro que me molesta,creo que es claro después de haber leído este blog por un tiempo,lo tan inconforme que estoy con mi cuerpo,en lo que se ha convertido y ahora estoy molesta porque si bien con las pesas he logrado bonitos cambios en la forma de algunas partes,como todavía me sobran unos 8 kilos de grasa,no se notan como debieran, sólo se ve un brazo gordo ,y en realidad es un músculo trabajado, ugh, no tienen idea como lo odio…o tal vez si… de cualquier modo esto no es un foro,es mi blog y lo uso para decir lo que se me antoje .

Así que al menos estoy contenta de ir al gym..antes sólo no comía..ahora no puedo hacer eso, no si pretendo levantar peso adecuadamente… agh , yo sé que a mucha gente le parecerá repentino y locochón..llevo 6 meses en esto.. I’m fucking sick of it.

Esperemos que mis piecitos estén bien, ya no caminaré locamente, el ejercicio mañanero serán 15 minutos y seré gente decente.

Back from the depths of despair

Actually,all I need is to have my glasses back,I had a keyboard with a barely functional space bar which drove me crazy, this caused me to refrain from writing anything. Glasses are broken cos I decided to play on the streets…so they broke along with my nose… ¬¬ smart one eh? Title is cos… Adele is really depressing..I love her  <3.

So,I’m not using Facebook from now on until I manage to achieve my goal, which is to look my best in about 2 months, we were supposed  to be like 10 girls betting 50 dollars each…but those damn bitches of course took it back,what with vacation and stuff, so I decided to go on,me and a friend,  starting tomorrow, honestly I’ve been working out for ages now, I  added work out at mornings, gonna try practice flag football but I think my legs are not in condition for it :/ and I added 40 mins cardio after weight lifting and also I stopped having crazy dinners, I think that’s one of the key points… This all is related to me not using the Facebook,I’m not gonna drink till I manage my goal, ( there will be exceptions, bitch please,Gaby’s birthday is a super special day) cos ,well I do like beer,and even if I drank before, I wasn’t this fat so..ok I’m not horribly fat, just need to shed like…7 kilograms of pure fat,so the gym work shows off,cos I’m telling ya,there are muscles there and they are pretty good looking,,freaking 40 kilograms I lift are paying back,just gotta show. So if I use Facebook people can ask me to go places or I can find out about places to go… and if this happens I may be late back home and then I won’t be up in time to do my work out and have my at least 4 meals and cook,this is why,I’m gonna try stay home as much as possible and keep working out, so I can show up in some months,like in those fat-people-who-lose-weight shows, and people will go “Whooaaaauuuu omg..Naaancy,you look soooo good, what the hell??? oohhhh!”

Do not even mention inner beauty and that crap,I have that shit,also a sorta cute face,I’m intelligent and I have good grammar and spelling,I just wanna be hot cos a) I do not like being fat b) I am curious about how being really hot is like  c) I want my old jeans to fit ;D  d) I never wanna hear about me being so funny or cool even if “chubby” ( in spanish we have gordibuena or la gordita buena onda, I hate that crap) e) I do not wish to have diabetes or fat people’s diseases.

Yo,if you are reading this and you do not have an issue being fat,that is fucking awesome, I’m not doing this under peer pressure,it’s quite the contrary,people tell me to take it easy and stuff,but I am taking it easy, it’s been like 5 months now, I lost 4 sizes, mind me, I weight exactly the same, cos muscle does weight,I wanna lose I think 2 more sizes, and let them muscles show. ;D also gonna get awesome hair colour do and ,facial spa and crap when I’m super awesome looking again.



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