Back from the depths of despair

Actually,all I need is to have my glasses back,I had a keyboard with a barely functional space bar which drove me crazy, this caused me to refrain from writing anything. Glasses are broken cos I decided to play on the streets…so they broke along with my nose… ¬¬ smart one eh? Title is cos… Adele is really depressing..I love her  <3.

So,I’m not using Facebook from now on until I manage to achieve my goal, which is to look my best in about 2 months, we were supposed  to be like 10 girls betting 50 dollars each…but those damn bitches of course took it back,what with vacation and stuff, so I decided to go on,me and a friend,  starting tomorrow, honestly I’ve been working out for ages now, I  added work out at mornings, gonna try practice flag football but I think my legs are not in condition for it :/ and I added 40 mins cardio after weight lifting and also I stopped having crazy dinners, I think that’s one of the key points… This all is related to me not using the Facebook,I’m not gonna drink till I manage my goal, ( there will be exceptions, bitch please,Gaby’s birthday is a super special day) cos ,well I do like beer,and even if I drank before, I wasn’t this fat so..ok I’m not horribly fat, just need to shed like…7 kilograms of pure fat,so the gym work shows off,cos I’m telling ya,there are muscles there and they are pretty good looking,,freaking 40 kilograms I lift are paying back,just gotta show. So if I use Facebook people can ask me to go places or I can find out about places to go… and if this happens I may be late back home and then I won’t be up in time to do my work out and have my at least 4 meals and cook,this is why,I’m gonna try stay home as much as possible and keep working out, so I can show up in some months,like in those fat-people-who-lose-weight shows, and people will go “Whooaaaauuuu omg..Naaancy,you look soooo good, what the hell??? oohhhh!”

Do not even mention inner beauty and that crap,I have that shit,also a sorta cute face,I’m intelligent and I have good grammar and spelling,I just wanna be hot cos a) I do not like being fat b) I am curious about how being really hot is like  c) I want my old jeans to fit ;D  d) I never wanna hear about me being so funny or cool even if “chubby” ( in spanish we have gordibuena or la gordita buena onda, I hate that crap) e) I do not wish to have diabetes or fat people’s diseases.

Yo,if you are reading this and you do not have an issue being fat,that is fucking awesome, I’m not doing this under peer pressure,it’s quite the contrary,people tell me to take it easy and stuff,but I am taking it easy, it’s been like 5 months now, I lost 4 sizes, mind me, I weight exactly the same, cos muscle does weight,I wanna lose I think 2 more sizes, and let them muscles show. ;D also gonna get awesome hair colour do and ,facial spa and crap when I’m super awesome looking again.




  1. You have a very refreshing way of expressing yourself. I have not stopped smiling. I haven’t heard the goridita buena onda term but, then again I’m older than YOU so that’s that. Great job in losing the weight. you have the right idea. Why not do the spa crap now? i think you deserve it. Take Care!

    • Hey,thanks!! I love reading nice comments hehe,spa crap eh? I think I’d love that shit,gonna do it next week :B meow

  2. concuerdo con la chica de arriba, vamos “de un ave” XD al facial XD
    ajjajaja andale andaleeee amos a q nos den un masaje XD

    • O_o bueno,haha en serio lees mi blog..pensé que era broma…bueno ahora disfruta mi twitter y mi blog serán mis official means of cummunication ;D

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