Well,well, I got new glasses,bad to say of me,but damn I look good with them,or rather they look good on me, they are very light and most important, I can fucking see!!! xD No more missing buses!!

My feet are so much better,the wonders few pills and simple exercises  can do …cough and that is also much better..bad thing is what it left..I ALWAYS get freaking cold sores when I get fever…and always above my lip…ugh ,fucking hate it,so I’m applying aciclovir like a maniac. u.u  Of course NO one can see me like this…so gym and people will have to wait  <.<

I’m playing Tibia again…and I’m liking it, I’m now 121 :3 , found awesome new monsters to kill, love’em werewolves,and gotta kill 300 of them so…and 500 green djinns…yes that might not make sense to you…see if I care,and if it does… well..join me in Astera, same name since 2004, Todesangst. Yes ,loveliest name ever.

I deactivated my FB account since I was being told by other means that I was sent invitations and stuff..after I told everyone I was not gonna look at it..and I did,for people to see I was serious, I had to do this,plus it’s not like zomg gone forever, it’s right there,waiting,but ya know,feet,cold sore..Imma be lucky if finally I can go to gym on freaken Monday. And from that day we count the 2 months again ¬¬ I HATE set backs but oh well. Gotta try harder, I really wanna fit those damn jeans. and it’s “only” 7 kilograms ( to start with) so ;D

I’m loving my WII ❤ definitely need more games,and more fitness ones, on sunday I go get some.

This post feels more like a news flash,oh wait,it’s cos it’s exactly that…well at least I can now write ,that makes me super …not gonna say “happy” Ya know I don’t really like that word….so tricky.

Hmm I would like to have a girlfriend..yes I would,one who liked to kiss a lot. ^^

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  1. :O tus fuegos ajajajajajaja xD por eso andas q no kieres salir vdd? XD siguele con el cicloferon =) buen dia XD

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