The hunger games and wheelchairs

Eating at the supermarket

This is a picture of me about to eat,from the supermarket wheelchair cos I woke up with a very sore calf,so I thought “Oh well,will use this for once” and it’s very..weird,people are nicer to you ¬¬, some things you cannot reach! but was fun and no, I was not just being silly, it really hurts like a mother fucker,hope it’s better tomorrow.

So,Iza suggested we would go to movies, I said ok, let us watch The hunger games, cos even if I have not read the books ( I’m gonna,worry not) I heard a lot about it,mostly bad things from an ex,but that betch hates all so fuck that xD, I did like it, I LOVED Katniss Evergreen, I’m sure Imma love her forever after I read the books ❤ Well, there’s nothing to spoil,it is obvious she doesn’t die… but man I felt bad for huron lady who died poisoned…and the black girl…awmmmmm!!! :/ Psycho knife throwing girl was cutesy too in a deranged way xD. I’ve read that some people are very unpleased with the adaptation…but we all know it’s hard to properly take  books to the screen..and that is why I decided I’d watch movie first. I’m eager to watch second one and of course will have all books read soon.

Hmm, so there was cutest vehicle ever :

pink vespa ftw

Also, no more twitter either… I really need to get away from those lesbians LOL, of course this excludes Gaby ,I think Iza, the other Nancy if she’s good lol.

There was this party on saturday and I was told I already shed some lil weight,and it’s true I feel my t shirt doesn’t cling on my fatness as much xD so happy… cos ya know,if I managed to look bit better in 2 weeks..and I couldn’t even work out..oh sweet mama ,so I’m looking forward to it ❤ Can’t wait to be back at gym and well…I got a WII now,thanks mom! so I’m gonna  play like a mother fucker :3!!

don't mind the dude,look at HER


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