Hunger games Book “VS” Movies and traces

Alright I’ll do this since I just finished “The hunger games” and I started “Catching fire” The books are impressively short, well if you are used to 600+ pages, they are short somehow, I liked the first book, I can maybe see a bit why people made such a hassle but it’s really not that bad. Yes,this Katniss is more…hmm…I like both versions..there is ONE thing I would of included in movie tho, the mutts ( those animal that chase them at the end ) being similar/being the other tributes, that is quite disturbing, it would of been awesome!!! Other than that zip it.

I’m frankly tired of being sick…I know it could be something horrible blah blah,save it. I just haven’t been able to do anything cos I got my foot thing,then I got a bad flu/fever,now I got it again and I’m so stuffed up I can hardly breathe at night and I thought I was close to go to gym again, at this point I just don’t wanna do anything anymore,fuck gym and fuck all,not even can do that right. I guess it must sound shallow,well it is, there are people who are really sick,and here I am complaining for mere 3 weeks…really? Well I’d trade my place of them

I did nice at Tibia tonight,we got very expensive items and I’m selling it all cos I was “poor” there, if I had half what I have there irl I could just go do my thing…I was having this good feeling about next week getting university paper and a job,good luck with that…I may get it start saving and…yes,you know it!

I was going to do a nice post about how people leave traces and marks on other’s lives and how I expect I have left at least one but how I fear that’s not been the case nor it will be,but well sometimes you don’t need to be face to face to feel close.I may appear like I’m gone but that’s hardly true,people who has managed to make it as far as being in,never leave,unless they are assholes,for that, in this particular moment and time, I have my mind set to meet at least 2 of those 3 people.

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