F o c u s

It’s a nice car,nah well, I changed my gym routine,now I will go Monday,Tuesday – free Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, this of course means I won’t go out at all,only on saturdays ( like to a party or to drink ) and mostly I won’t go out for anything since I have this diet…I’m not loving it,but it’s only one more week so…I really wanna speed up results,to show the effort I’ve put into gym these last months,to stop wasting my time hanging out with people who are worth a dry peanut,to focus on finding a decent job,ugh that’s so hard,I wanna feel good about myself,for once! It’s not too late..and as a complimentary bonus, I wanna shut some people’s mouth.

I won’t be all light and love,I don’t like that,but now it’s my time,I need this,also I quit smoking,I think I can actually achieve my goal of being fit and look as amazing as..well not as I feel,but come on, I will know what being hot is, I’ve got very nice shape now due to gym,thing is to get rid of that fat and show it off!  20% fat percent would be my goal.

Other than that,we had our parade against homophobia,it was fun,and I found out I’m kinda liked among the lesbians in my FB group, ( in a friendly way or whatever) cos I attended a party with 0 money and ended up drunk . Ha.


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