The Quiet

All right been on a lesbo movie rampage…saw some titles on this site and gave some a shot.. this is such not a lesbian title, I don’t know what is people thinking…

We have deaf girl ( Dot ) and Nina ( the cheerleader person )… Dot goes to live with Nina and her parents cos …. hmm her dad is dead and her mom is dead too, ( they died a wee ago ) so she is not much welcomed, at school or the household, she starts to notice weird things, like how the Mom is always popping pills and all hysterical, the husband is kind of absent and Nina… well she seems to be your typical bitch,but soon we discover daddy likes to fuck his little girl and mom is sorta aware therefore she… takes shitload of pills… being deaf comes in handy cos people tells you a bunch of things about their lives!! We have Nina’s super bitchy friend and cheerleader boss or some shit and the guy she fancies. mr. Basketball player Connor…

Connor likes Dot,apparently only cos she is deaf, so he also tells her a lot of shit, come on people, don’t go around spilling your most inner secrets to people just because they can’t hear -.-!!!  So anyway, Nina somehow discovers Dot is not deaf at all… but that’s not really the thing, the point is, WHY WAS THIS NOTED ON LESBIAN FILMS? They do bond, Dot is aware of the thing going on with Nina and her dad and she tries to help her out by “distracting” him ( one time she breaks a statue outside the room, etc)  and well… Dot does save Nina when she strangles her dad after he finds out his daughter isn’t pregnant of him, that surely creates a bond between people!! But.. lesbian undertone? Cos you go and hug a person who is crying cos her dad fucks her on a very often basis? Whoa ain’t that homoerotic…not! Geez people, I’m glad I saw it, it is cool, but don’t go and tell me it’s on lesbian section when NOT A SINGLE GIRL THERE IS A LESBIAN, oh don’t dare to tell me it’s cos Nina doesn’t like boys at her school, being raped by her dad must certainly not make her be all happy and interested in having a relationship with anybody…

Is it cos the cover? ¬¬ don’t break my balls

The four-faced liar / Clara’s summer

Wow, just wow, I am watching The four-faced liar.. it’s been ages since on-screen lesbian scene makes me blush..and feel funny, lol, I feel like I’m 14,and they are not even naked..maybe it’s just the throwing against wall/put over sink + kissed hard+just do me now thing..  and intense sexual tension…awmm I miss having that.. meh, erhmm anyway the film is going pretty well, you get conservative couple, straight of course, the lesbian who is very carefree and a player and her best friend, a straight dude who has a serious yet fun relationship with Chloe …  of course this can’t remain the same for too long… long story short Molly ( the blonde “straight” till now ) has sex with Bridget ( the eh brunet lesbian ) in new year’s Eve in the bar’s restroom ( a classic ) ohh they start an affair.. STRAIGHT GIRLS Y U NO BREAK UP WITH BOYFRIEND BEFORE DATING LESBIANS!?

Jesus christ… “You keep me completely interested” that has to be one of the most amazing and romantic quotes ever… That is no sarcasm by the way…we do need a sarcasm font u.u

Anyways I loved it cos things aren’t perfect, people who are new to their sexuality do have certain issues and people who can’t/don’t want to commit have their own! I liked it cos it’s realistic.. the girl is all passion and rawr and smart and Molly likes this about Bridget, but Molly also wants a family and settle down and Bridget,well she’s trying you know… it may or may not end up well, but it’s a life changing experience for all, and they both are trying, and well the guy… I hated Greg.. ugg, cos he’s uptight and boring and bleh, I got pissy at Molly restraining herself and engaging to the dude, COME ON WOMAN, then again, we women tend to prefer the “safe” things we are comfortable with… -sighs- I remember I hated Kissing Jessica Stein because the girls did not end up together and now looking back, this isn’t silly thoughtless romantic comedy, it’s smart written scripts, Jessica discovers she likes this guy person and has an amazing friend and Helen discovers she likes girls for good ,or something ( she has a gf at the end of movie ) so yes, as much as I hate it when couples I like don’t end up together, I like it when the writer gives them the chance to see what it could be like, not magically granting them eternal happiness but allowing them to give it a shot. DAMN RIGHT

Hmmm I learnt from Bar scene that body language is indeed pretty useful, dammit why am I almost useless at it..meh.. oh right the other movie!

Clara’s summer… it was… humm.. I liked Clara’s friend, Zoey cos she reminded me of this girl who’s now in Alaska, same young looking ultra cute stlye,,just because of that I couldn’t hate her ..anyway it was a bit odd, cos the interaction between Clara and Sonia ( the cool lesbian, eh bisexual whatever ) is like, they talk once…twice..thrice..they stop talking, then they meet and have sex,decide to go to Clara’s aunt’s wedding or something and.. Clara chickens out and doesn’t take her only to regret it and going back in train to the camp, ah yes this all happens in a summer camp duh,with her friend cos now they are ok … and that’s it ¬¬… seriously? Pfff

Piercings, Perfos, Perforaciones

Bueno la idea de este post surge de la cantidad de barbaridades que he escuchado/leído al comentar con la poca gente con la que aún hablo, sobre mi nuevo piercing ( labio inferior,lado izquierdo) y me dicen loca por haber comprado un nuevo cepillo dental ¬¬ , por no querer tomar como hasta que pasen 2 meses y tal… en fin, todo esto me hizo cuestionarme sobre la cultura que tenemos en México ( América latina ) sobre la modificación corporal como son perforaciones y tatuajes…

Para empezar creo que les importa más el precio… o sea ahorrarse lo que se pueda, lo cual muchas veces deriva en acudir a puestos en mercados que estoy segura no tienen lo mínimo de higiene para vender tacos, mucho menos para realizar estas actividades, pedirle a un amigo “que se lo haga” o hacerlos ellos mismo, que va si es fácil , sólo pasas el catéter y pones la pieza¿ no? Pues no, ¡insensatos! Hay procedimientos que seguir, saber sobre contaminación cruzada, conocer de anatomía, disponer del material adecuado ( pinzas, joyería de calidad ) , autoclave.. etc

Y los cuidados… creo que es ahí donde a la gente realmente le vale madres bien cabrón , ( para los y las que no sean de México, quiere decir que no les importa en lo más mínimo ) si se tiene un piercing oral, se lava una la boca, se enjuaga … si es por fuera se lava, no más de 3 veces al día, yo creo que 2 es lo ideal, sin estarlo moviendo todo el tiempo, ya que no da tiempo a que la fistula se cree de una forma adecuada… esto es “donde va el piercing” pues . Una persona hasta me dijo ” pero si puedes hacer oral con la perfo nueva”… SEXO ORAL CON UNA PERFORACIÓN DE LABIO NUEVA, WTF!!!! NOOOO Es lo peor que jamás he escuchado, eso y la gente que fuma y bebe, a lo mejor no se les infecta pero… bueno, a mi al menos no me gusta arriesgarme a que no me queden bien las cosas, así que no hago nada que pueda hacer el proceso más lento. Por ejemplo el primer lip piercing que intenté tener, creo,no estoy segura, de que lo tuve como 3 meses, pero en esos 3 meses lo cambié primero por un stud más corto, como a la semana y media ( ¬¬ ) luego por un aro ( !!) y luego por un twister ¬¬ , obviamente no se curo nunca y además el tipo que lo hizo me lastimo horrible y me dijo que me pusiera isodine ( tiene yodo ) entonces… bueno muy mal yo por no informarme tampoco. Ahora si que he preguntado y he leído y todo apunta a un mejor futuro.

En resumen… la gente en general es muy descuidada con lo que le hace a su cuerpo…


Really now

I should of stop writing, it’s been like 3 days in a row now, but I can’t seem to stop… I’m still shocked at how horrible people can be, well not horrible, but have some decency will ya? Then again, she was decent as I knew she was and we talked and well, it is very good like that, not rushing things and shit, that is something every person should do, take it slowly as to not to hurt others when they are indecisive, gives me time to, to hmm, I dunno what the hell do I need time for… ah yes.. checking the tooth thing, working harder on gym and… avoiding the lesbians for some weeks, yes, those are the things I’m gonna do.

Also the facebook… don’t feel like really using it either…. people could send me emails, text messages, call me on my land line, on my phone… if you care for someone or something, you reach out, like this girlie, she sent whatsapp messages ^^ . so all in all… August, she  either comes here for the party thing or whatever OR I go to DF ,cos I gotta go there anyways visit Gaby…oh and buy me some goodies… yeah  … Well one thing being cleared is good…

Then this girl who is nice broke up with her gf.. well her gf broke up with her… I think it’s best for her, you want no hoes around ya, really… pffff she could have a very nice gf…she’s nice like me yano?

Neways, with some luck Imma be so tired after gym ,that I will actually sleep “early” , today I went to sleep at 8 am xD, woke up at 5

Sleepless nights

That’s all I’ve been getting, that and when I do sleep it’s like 14+ hours… between the illness and my… I don’t know if it’s like a depression or I am just plain sick and tired of the same crap, no wait, mostly it’s new crap that really amazes me… in a bad way, very bad. Watching “The Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”..too tired to keep watching, but I’m so aggg sweating and dizzy and thinking that Imma finish later… oh zombie afternoons at local library… :3

So… I was thinking, if I EVER have a girlfriend ,she should comply to at least … some of these :

Speak english*

Be intelligent*

Be kinda geeky

Like video-games

Like Horror movies

Like cats/animals

Be a bit jealous but not maniac *

Be cute, (what *I* consider cute of course )*

Sexually agressive or at least like to have some*

Like to read/learn*

Like  Anime

Like/know how to cook

Appreciate good things,people and actions*

Have pretty lips and eyes *

Like/have/not mind  tattoos*

Drink  Beer & ____  *

Like to have fun*

Like to watch movies at home

Likes to & kissing good*

Write as properly as possible  *

Be able to talk about serious stuff    *

Be loving *

Be honest & faithful*

Like Nature

It’s all I can think of … she doesn’t have to do/like ALL those things, some are a must yes, ok most are required haha, then again, as it is, I’ll end up dating some asshole who can’t even type and treats me like shit…what wait, no, no more of that, I deserve much fucking better and even If I shall remain ,truly, FOREVER alone… I shan’t conform!!!! These lips are warded  against any unwanted intruders, no one is getting any until I am at least a bit convinced she’s decent.  u_u

So… I think I’m gonna lay down and try to sleep, I hate it when I have to lose massive sleep cos I can’t stop thinking and then when I can…oh well… oh and I don’t think I’m going on any trip anytime soon… we went from “yeh come already meet me,I can’t wait!!” to “well,I don’t know…we’ll see” but hey it’s fine… people get like that sometimes I guess, gonna be good and be quiet about it, of course not hoping much, hmmm..

I gotta take care of my tooth and shit… I am close to drop these jeans cos they are literally dropping a lot now :3 that pleases me… even when people think I don’t do shit… I believe no one “buys” the fact that I go to gym just cos I’m not super hot…well people took me a very stupid and horrible relationship of about 2 years to get those 20 kilograms on, 6 months are starting to show my hard work but I need some more time… just some more fat to go, I think this time… say 2-3 months, dunno, but maybe I am gonna really not gonna show up at lesbothings anymore until that happens..with my new tooth and my old clothes…  Gonna show them who the hell I am ,and for fuck sake, I got so mad,they put up pictures in fucking facebook again, I fucking asked them not to… see who goes to their parties! Not me. u_u

Whoa,much more blogging less chatting up.. Yeh , I’m fairly overwhelmed…uggg my head..ok that’ll be it… for now.

Video fever

..Fever is what I got..ugh ,going to Dr. like.. in 10 minutes, anyway, I finally made a youtube channel…well I finally uploaded’s all in spanish so far tho… My accent is funny enough as it is in my mother tongue ¬¬

Ahí está mi canal, son videos sobre… muchas cosas, nada demasiado educativo eh, haha, haré más videos fuera :3 cuando deje de estar enferma… Ya si quieren comentar, suscribirse… subo más o menos uno por semana… a veces más… ahora que agonizo pues no he subido nada  :3  pero ya subiré.  ^^  Amo escribir en mi blog, pero hacer videos es extrañamente divertido también.

E-e-e-every day I’m shuffling!!

…I have absolutely no good reason to use that as a title..then again who cares, Imma tell you who does not… Me!

So…lots of things have been happening lately, I’ve got like 10 movies waiting for me…mostly  asian horror and some random comedy, I’m kinda waiting to watch them tho…maybe waiting for someone to watch them with.. Anyway, days have been hectic  lately!! Say last 2 weeks really

First… I dunno if I mentioned it before, but I’m like.. almost completely sure ( say 99.9.9% ) that girls ( at least the ones living in my city ) cannot be faithful, well wait, some in other nearby towns don’t seem to be able either… anyhow , I am sincerely impressed at how things are, I’m sure things have always been like that… but when I was younger at the gay scene.. well I really didn’t see as many things, then again I knew like 4 lesbians not freaking 40+ … The first thing I noticed is most people favor this ” eggs in ALL the baskets” trend..

I’m not saying just cos you like someone she’s gonna be your forever love one and only, but come on gals, cut me some slack!! How can you “like” 2,4,10 girls at the same time!! At least for me… I take many things into account to like someone… and it’s so odd and hard for people to hmm, get my attention.. and like for real, for me to be interested and wanting to date them,think about them…all that corny stuff… I can’t possibly imagine having this with more than ONE girl… what I think happens is these girls don’t wanna be alone or want easy-access sex or some shit and therefore they have secret supplies.. Yano what bothers me most is most of the time they are not even sincere… like “hey ,I’m dating 3 other girls ok?” Then people could decide if they wanna “be in line” or not… Jesus…

Then this chick…ughh!! She… We went out few times and bla bla, she has an amazing girlfriend, like seriously cool, and, in my opinion, way too pretty for her, and yet she is quite silly and goes and does things she shouldn’t… or gets angry over most stupid things ever… I had to find it so amusing when she told me she wanted to kiss me and I was like … “Ehm 1.- You have a gf, and we get along well and 2.- I am getting to know this girl and I really really like her…” and she’s like “Well,you aren’t girlfriends yet! “… Really? For reals? GEEE people! I dunno if I should tell the other girl or not…cos even if nothing happened,I’m good pushing people away,literally and figuratively, I feel kinda bad about such disrespect.. good thing is the gf does know and is aware of how that girl is… what I don’t understand is what is she doing there . pfff women

My soundtrack right now is a mix of “Pumped up kicks” by Foster the people which I heard just yesterday on a friend’s radio… I think it’s about shooting kids…DAFUQ?.. rhythm    is nice tho ¬¬ and this TV show about eating disorders and abused people and what not..  yes that’s my deal at this time…

Now on other things… there’s this girl… I dunno, I think she has way too many things in her head, we have been speaking  for about  2 weeks now I think, I like her a lot…like for good, but hmm I kinda wanna let her make up her mind or like order things or something, she sent cute messages today ^^ oh, yes, cos I’ve been sick as fuck,all dizzy,my head aches so bad…eyes are throat is sore,so is my nose and I think I slept like 16 hours…still sorta sleepy, this is actually hurting my eyes but it was driving me fucking nuts… I was happy to get her messages..Hmm,we’ll see, not gonna get too excited yet° Think Imma lay down and continue dying in slow agony,yeh!

That is how I feel

I’m sure the previous picture and I.. look similar

¬¬ those silly girls getting girlfriends,and me, I’d be an awesome girlfriend fuck sake!!

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