E-e-e-every day I’m shuffling!!

…I have absolutely no good reason to use that as a title..then again who cares, Imma tell you who does not… Me!

So…lots of things have been happening lately, I’ve got like 10 movies waiting for me…mostly  asian horror and some random comedy, I’m kinda waiting to watch them tho…maybe waiting for someone to watch them with.. Anyway, days have been hectic  lately!! Say last 2 weeks really

First… I dunno if I mentioned it before, but I’m like.. almost completely sure ( say 99.9.9% ) that girls ( at least the ones living in my city ) cannot be faithful, well wait, some in other nearby towns don’t seem to be able either… anyhow , I am sincerely impressed at how things are, I’m sure things have always been like that… but when I was younger at the gay scene.. well I really didn’t see as many things, then again I knew like 4 lesbians not freaking 40+ … The first thing I noticed is most people favor this ” eggs in ALL the baskets” trend..

I’m not saying just cos you like someone she’s gonna be your forever love one and only, but come on gals, cut me some slack!! How can you “like” 2,4,10 girls at the same time!! At least for me… I take many things into account to like someone… and it’s so odd and hard for people to hmm, get my attention.. and like for real, for me to be interested and wanting to date them,think about them…all that corny stuff… I can’t possibly imagine having this with more than ONE girl… what I think happens is these girls don’t wanna be alone or want easy-access sex or some shit and therefore they have secret supplies.. Yano what bothers me most is most of the time they are not even sincere… like “hey ,I’m dating 3 other girls ok?” Then people could decide if they wanna “be in line” or not… Jesus…

Then this chick…ughh!! She… We went out few times and bla bla, she has an amazing girlfriend, like seriously cool, and, in my opinion, way too pretty for her, and yet she is quite silly and goes and does things she shouldn’t… or gets angry over most stupid things ever… I had to find it so amusing when she told me she wanted to kiss me and I was like … “Ehm 1.- You have a gf, and we get along well and 2.- I am getting to know this girl and I really really like her…” and she’s like “Well,you aren’t girlfriends yet! “… Really? For reals? GEEE people! I dunno if I should tell the other girl or not…cos even if nothing happened,I’m good pushing people away,literally and figuratively, I feel kinda bad about such disrespect.. good thing is the gf does know and is aware of how that girl is… what I don’t understand is what is she doing there . pfff women

My soundtrack right now is a mix of “Pumped up kicks” by Foster the people which I heard just yesterday on a friend’s radio… I think it’s about shooting kids…DAFUQ?.. rhythm    is nice tho ¬¬ and this TV show about eating disorders and abused people and what not..  yes that’s my deal at this time…

Now on other things… there’s this girl… I dunno, I think she has way too many things in her head, we have been speaking  for about  2 weeks now I think, I like her a lot…like for good, but hmm I kinda wanna let her make up her mind or like order things or something, she sent cute messages today ^^ oh, yes, cos I’ve been sick as fuck,all dizzy,my head aches so bad…eyes are watery..my throat is sore,so is my nose and I think I slept like 16 hours…still sorta sleepy, this is actually hurting my eyes but it was driving me fucking nuts… I was happy to get her messages..Hmm,we’ll see, not gonna get too excited yet° Think Imma lay down and continue dying in slow agony,yeh!

That is how I feel

I’m sure the previous picture and I.. look similar

¬¬ those silly girls getting girlfriends,and me, I’d be an awesome girlfriend fuck sake!!

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