Sleepless nights

That’s all I’ve been getting, that and when I do sleep it’s like 14+ hours… between the illness and my… I don’t know if it’s like a depression or I am just plain sick and tired of the same crap, no wait, mostly it’s new crap that really amazes me… in a bad way, very bad. Watching “The Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”..too tired to keep watching, but I’m so aggg sweating and dizzy and thinking that Imma finish later… oh zombie afternoons at local library… :3

So… I was thinking, if I EVER have a girlfriend ,she should comply to at least … some of these :

Speak english*

Be intelligent*

Be kinda geeky

Like video-games

Like Horror movies

Like cats/animals

Be a bit jealous but not maniac *

Be cute, (what *I* consider cute of course )*

Sexually agressive or at least like to have some*

Like to read/learn*

Like  Anime

Like/know how to cook

Appreciate good things,people and actions*

Have pretty lips and eyes *

Like/have/not mind  tattoos*

Drink  Beer & ____  *

Like to have fun*

Like to watch movies at home

Likes to & kissing good*

Write as properly as possible  *

Be able to talk about serious stuff    *

Be loving *

Be honest & faithful*

Like Nature

It’s all I can think of … she doesn’t have to do/like ALL those things, some are a must yes, ok most are required haha, then again, as it is, I’ll end up dating some asshole who can’t even type and treats me like shit…what wait, no, no more of that, I deserve much fucking better and even If I shall remain ,truly, FOREVER alone… I shan’t conform!!!! These lips are warded  against any unwanted intruders, no one is getting any until I am at least a bit convinced she’s decent.  u_u

So… I think I’m gonna lay down and try to sleep, I hate it when I have to lose massive sleep cos I can’t stop thinking and then when I can…oh well… oh and I don’t think I’m going on any trip anytime soon… we went from “yeh come already meet me,I can’t wait!!” to “well,I don’t know…we’ll see” but hey it’s fine… people get like that sometimes I guess, gonna be good and be quiet about it, of course not hoping much, hmmm..

I gotta take care of my tooth and shit… I am close to drop these jeans cos they are literally dropping a lot now :3 that pleases me… even when people think I don’t do shit… I believe no one “buys” the fact that I go to gym just cos I’m not super hot…well people took me a very stupid and horrible relationship of about 2 years to get those 20 kilograms on, 6 months are starting to show my hard work but I need some more time… just some more fat to go, I think this time… say 2-3 months, dunno, but maybe I am gonna really not gonna show up at lesbothings anymore until that happens..with my new tooth and my old clothes…  Gonna show them who the hell I am ,and for fuck sake, I got so mad,they put up pictures in fucking facebook again, I fucking asked them not to… see who goes to their parties! Not me. u_u

Whoa,much more blogging less chatting up.. Yeh , I’m fairly overwhelmed…uggg my head..ok that’ll be it… for now.

Video fever

..Fever is what I got..ugh ,going to Dr. like.. in 10 minutes, anyway, I finally made a youtube channel…well I finally uploaded’s all in spanish so far tho… My accent is funny enough as it is in my mother tongue ¬¬

Ahí está mi canal, son videos sobre… muchas cosas, nada demasiado educativo eh, haha, haré más videos fuera :3 cuando deje de estar enferma… Ya si quieren comentar, suscribirse… subo más o menos uno por semana… a veces más… ahora que agonizo pues no he subido nada  :3  pero ya subiré.  ^^  Amo escribir en mi blog, pero hacer videos es extrañamente divertido también.

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