Really now

I should of stop writing, it’s been like 3 days in a row now, but I can’t seem to stop… I’m still shocked at how horrible people can be, well not horrible, but have some decency will ya? Then again, she was decent as I knew she was and we talked and well, it is very good like that, not rushing things and shit, that is something every person should do, take it slowly as to not to hurt others when they are indecisive, gives me time to, to hmm, I dunno what the hell do I need time for… ah yes.. checking the tooth thing, working harder on gym and… avoiding the lesbians for some weeks, yes, those are the things I’m gonna do.

Also the facebook… don’t feel like really using it either…. people could send me emails, text messages, call me on my land line, on my phone… if you care for someone or something, you reach out, like this girlie, she sent whatsapp messages ^^ . so all in all… August, she  either comes here for the party thing or whatever OR I go to DF ,cos I gotta go there anyways visit Gaby…oh and buy me some goodies… yeah  … Well one thing being cleared is good…

Then this girl who is nice broke up with her gf.. well her gf broke up with her… I think it’s best for her, you want no hoes around ya, really… pffff she could have a very nice gf…she’s nice like me yano?

Neways, with some luck Imma be so tired after gym ,that I will actually sleep “early” , today I went to sleep at 8 am xD, woke up at 5

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