The four-faced liar / Clara’s summer

Wow, just wow, I am watching The four-faced liar.. it’s been ages since on-screen lesbian scene makes me blush..and feel funny, lol, I feel like I’m 14,and they are not even naked..maybe it’s just the throwing against wall/put over sink + kissed hard+just do me now thing..  and intense sexual tension…awmm I miss having that.. meh, erhmm anyway the film is going pretty well, you get conservative couple, straight of course, the lesbian who is very carefree and a player and her best friend, a straight dude who has a serious yet fun relationship with Chloe …  of course this can’t remain the same for too long… long story short Molly ( the blonde “straight” till now ) has sex with Bridget ( the eh brunet lesbian ) in new year’s Eve in the bar’s restroom ( a classic ) ohh they start an affair.. STRAIGHT GIRLS Y U NO BREAK UP WITH BOYFRIEND BEFORE DATING LESBIANS!?

Jesus christ… “You keep me completely interested” that has to be one of the most amazing and romantic quotes ever… That is no sarcasm by the way…we do need a sarcasm font u.u

Anyways I loved it cos things aren’t perfect, people who are new to their sexuality do have certain issues and people who can’t/don’t want to commit have their own! I liked it cos it’s realistic.. the girl is all passion and rawr and smart and Molly likes this about Bridget, but Molly also wants a family and settle down and Bridget,well she’s trying you know… it may or may not end up well, but it’s a life changing experience for all, and they both are trying, and well the guy… I hated Greg.. ugg, cos he’s uptight and boring and bleh, I got pissy at Molly restraining herself and engaging to the dude, COME ON WOMAN, then again, we women tend to prefer the “safe” things we are comfortable with… -sighs- I remember I hated Kissing Jessica Stein because the girls did not end up together and now looking back, this isn’t silly thoughtless romantic comedy, it’s smart written scripts, Jessica discovers she likes this guy person and has an amazing friend and Helen discovers she likes girls for good ,or something ( she has a gf at the end of movie ) so yes, as much as I hate it when couples I like don’t end up together, I like it when the writer gives them the chance to see what it could be like, not magically granting them eternal happiness but allowing them to give it a shot. DAMN RIGHT

Hmmm I learnt from Bar scene that body language is indeed pretty useful, dammit why am I almost useless at it..meh.. oh right the other movie!

Clara’s summer… it was… humm.. I liked Clara’s friend, Zoey cos she reminded me of this girl who’s now in Alaska, same young looking ultra cute stlye,,just because of that I couldn’t hate her ..anyway it was a bit odd, cos the interaction between Clara and Sonia ( the cool lesbian, eh bisexual whatever ) is like, they talk once…twice..thrice..they stop talking, then they meet and have sex,decide to go to Clara’s aunt’s wedding or something and.. Clara chickens out and doesn’t take her only to regret it and going back in train to the camp, ah yes this all happens in a summer camp duh,with her friend cos now they are ok … and that’s it ¬¬… seriously? Pfff

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