The Quiet

All right been on a lesbo movie rampage…saw some titles on this site and gave some a shot.. this is such not a lesbian title, I don’t know what is people thinking…

We have deaf girl ( Dot ) and Nina ( the cheerleader person )… Dot goes to live with Nina and her parents cos …. hmm her dad is dead and her mom is dead too, ( they died a wee ago ) so she is not much welcomed, at school or the household, she starts to notice weird things, like how the Mom is always popping pills and all hysterical, the husband is kind of absent and Nina… well she seems to be your typical bitch,but soon we discover daddy likes to fuck his little girl and mom is sorta aware therefore she… takes shitload of pills… being deaf comes in handy cos people tells you a bunch of things about their lives!! We have Nina’s super bitchy friend and cheerleader boss or some shit and the guy she fancies. mr. Basketball player Connor…

Connor likes Dot,apparently only cos she is deaf, so he also tells her a lot of shit, come on people, don’t go around spilling your most inner secrets to people just because they can’t hear -.-!!!  So anyway, Nina somehow discovers Dot is not deaf at all… but that’s not really the thing, the point is, WHY WAS THIS NOTED ON LESBIAN FILMS? They do bond, Dot is aware of the thing going on with Nina and her dad and she tries to help her out by “distracting” him ( one time she breaks a statue outside the room, etc)  and well… Dot does save Nina when she strangles her dad after he finds out his daughter isn’t pregnant of him, that surely creates a bond between people!! But.. lesbian undertone? Cos you go and hug a person who is crying cos her dad fucks her on a very often basis? Whoa ain’t that homoerotic…not! Geez people, I’m glad I saw it, it is cool, but don’t go and tell me it’s on lesbian section when NOT A SINGLE GIRL THERE IS A LESBIAN, oh don’t dare to tell me it’s cos Nina doesn’t like boys at her school, being raped by her dad must certainly not make her be all happy and interested in having a relationship with anybody…

Is it cos the cover? ¬¬ don’t break my balls

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