It almost happens

I will let you know the key to my success in weight loss!! Go to the damn gym for like 8 months, then get a lip piercing, be really careful about it, have absolutely no snacks between meals ( you gotta rinse anyway and that’s annoying ) stick to iced water, fruit at night , turkey breast and whole grain noodle soup.  Only that, 3 times a day. Of course no drinking at all, I had drinks yesterday but piercing is one month old and I rinsed after I was done.  It is giving me the final polish I needed  :3  I am going back to gym when tattoo finishes to peel off and feeling weird,hmmm say 2 more weeks,and then..oh yeah. So happy cos my old trousers do go up all the way and zip! kinda  tight still,but they wouldn’t go up any further  than my hip so :O

I might sound shallow to you,but if it’s the case..have you read any of my blog before? Really? Gods you are blind… so, I am happy cos this is me,I got my tattoo which is very meaningful,the piercing I’ve wanted for a time now and I’m so close to look as I usually look like and well,it means I can dress how the fuck I wanna dress and what not . This is good,very good.


I’m feeling good, even if the relationship department is,well… pretty fucking doomed at the moment.

PS DO take care of your piercings and tattoos, it’s not that hard,pays off.

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