Mare , Girlfriends . Latest Yuri Manga readings

Ok…first… dafuq did I just read…second,awww so cute…not the same manga title of course… that’d be incredibly disturbing…

Well for once, I got into reading yuri manga..cos..well I like it and haven’t read it in a while…for a while I mean like one freakin week. First I read..


This title is sweet,and funny,you have the typical school life, slice of life, popular girl approaches shy girl,they become super friends,shy girl falls for popular one,but oh how could they…? if they are both girls ( If I listen to that or read it once more, Imma die ) eventually it works out and it’s pretty fucking sweet.



…must come from nightmare…the fuck was that…this..witch/demon whatever girl,is like going around finding people with negative feelings,sinners or some crap,and then she summons these…hmm servants/demons who eat them…we got some dudes who gang rape this poor girl,this girl who had an abortion,this horny girl…and some others, the girl who got gang raped becomes… “friends” of some sort with Mare,Mae, what’s her name .  there’s..random magic…people about to die and people being alive weird sex… It’s… interesting .

The rest was oneshots, Prism was a whole story about a girl and her first love,who was a girl,but she thought was a boy,then they meet again and ya know.  Cutesy all around…except for the weird demon/witch rape/crazy sex  based previous one…it’s interesting tho…kinda depressing..ok a lot.



  1. “Mare , Girlfriends . Latest Yuri Manga readings Jigoku der Himmel”
    was in fact a remarkable posting. If it possessed much more images
    it should be quite possibly far better. Thank u -Toby

    • Why thank you, I shall take this into consideration and try to add more images to my posts 😀 always glad to hear opinions.

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