The posession

Alright lemme say this, I don’t know till which point I was influenced by the rest of the movies I have seen lately to be UTTERMOST CRAP, but I don’t think much, so in any case I’m always farly objective… ok I am so not, so here I go :

Is a movie theater experience affected by the enviroment,the people you go with and the date and time? I think so, cos the stupid mother fuckers who were behind us were burping and making weird annoying noises, which became a lil bit scary towards the end… damn assholes   xD  .

So anyway, the movie is about a girl, who is possessed… no shit? Yeah, like so many lately, but this one has been the best, in my opinion, because unlike all the other ones out there this :

Does not conclude with the girl being sexually abused,causing her to develop telekinesis and hence making it look like there were ghosts or stuff in the house.

Does not conclude with the whole thing being a delusion cos the poor girl actually suffers from dissociative personality disorder or some mental illness ¬¬  ( I love DPA,but it can’t be the explanation behind EVERYTHING YOU IDIOTS)

This being said, it takes on a jewish culture and religion approach which is AWESOME, cos all we ever see is catholic’s point of view ( not bashing ,just saying ) , we take a glimpse on this dibbuk <– spelling? which is like a tormented or bad spirit locked in a special wooden box, with carvings and all. And we get to see how the sealing is done, which makes a lot of sense and all in all,it is actually creepy!

We have the girl,the divorced parents…or divorcing? Something like that, oh and the older sister, not much older, who looks a fucking lot like Lindsay Lohan… slutty as well! I do not believe those are not related u.u !!!  ,the creepy song at the beginning…and that box… gave me goosebumps! Why you people go and open weird looking boxes that give off this strange vibe, and more important, why do you fucking keep it after it TALKED to you!? you do not keep things that chant or talk to you,you morons!!!

Anyway,movie is pretty cool, you get a bit culturized and no one is being raped, so go watch it,now.




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