:3 late night/early morning thoughts

“She is cute and smells good” This should be true for most girls, at least the smelling good, what’s with the old rag odour? It can surely be said about this one tho, it is 3:00 am, I was about to sleep, well a bit earlier, I watched this movie “Red lights” with Gaby and friends, it was OK, I didn’t love the heart warming attempt u.u. Anyway, I am supposed to be asleep, but I have Lana del Rey to go sleep and then there’s this song called “Videogames” and I started to think… you know what that happens, there is no internet, so I was thinking about letting it go and not writing here about this girl… but I couldn’t , cos once it’s all in my head I wanna let it out, that’s why I got a damn blog, I do make videos, but it’s different… I don’t think I’d go this personal on a video… plus this is in english… few meaningful things I write about in spanish,why? Well… saa…

So to the point!! It’s really… interesting how out of the blue, people appear and you are like… what the ? And there’s that “elektrischenschlag” as I like to call it, electrical hit would be a translation… and there’s just this insane amount of things to talk about and… you can be just you, not like I’m not “me” with my few friends, but hummm, I don’t know how to properly explain… just being SO SO SO like you are… and you just like them,well the little you know about them…so all in all is pretty good, no, we are not letting wild horses run here, good communication is key for anything, I’ve always thought so, we hmm,well are getting to know each other ( which people seem to have forsaken lately,they just dive in I guess ) and what will or will not happen? No way to tell, I of course would like for us to date and so on, but if this shall ever happen is yet to be known, and that is good cos … well, it may, so I’m thinking positive but not  too much, if that makes sense.

I really don’t know why I decided to sit up and write about this… I don’t really know who reads this and who gives a fuck, I think it’s therapeutic to let things out, plus I’m on my “blood sucker material” days, so my mind seems to wind up a little easier, I’m feeling good, my lip piercing is doing good, I think it will be “ready” in maybe 2 more months, at least I know it can be moved around :$ hehe… all my tattoos are good too, still don’t know what to do for my birthday… I just know it’s gonna be on my chest… is internet coming back for the solely purpose of me publishing this? Uso!!!

That must be a good sign!! or weird ass timing… in any case I wrote what I wanted, I’m not gonna be all silly about soft hair xD.

PS Blood-C , nice one! I wanna watch the damn movie.

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