A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that

Wow being strangled and then you fall hard on a wooden plank and break your back, way to go ,way to go!  Also fires in Japan’s hotels are..well slow as fuck,you may go in and out and roam about for hours until it spreads out too much it seems. And lighting storms + a house on fire + a bunch of people who have lost their mind and are trying to kill each other = pure win

Ok so I am just done watching this anime, “Another” it’s very,very good, let me spoil it ( kind of not all ) for you, there is a school,where something terrible happened 26 years ago, so let’s say it’s a quite interesting way to show a “curse” of some sort, also the mere possibility of a whole classroom agreeing on cancelling one person’s existence in order to avoid death, it’s… I’m impressed. And dolls have never been so creepy, and they are always creepy.So is creepy having a doll’s eye…that can see the colour of death. Very creepy. People,don’t put doll’s eyes that may or may not see what should remain unseen, on your kid’s eye sockets, mmmkay?

I wrote another post,not long ago,meaning some minutes ago,almost an hour, but I did not feel entirely satisfied, so I’m writing again,but ya know,this is lot easier in english because, I don’t know, it just is.

I wanna say some things about,well tomorros is Samhain, which is celts new year’s so to say, so we neo-pagans celebrate it, I am thrilled this is my most favorite, yes most, holiday of the whole year, I gotta get a candle for my pumpkin,and get me some candles…you know, try to celebrate as properly as possible and ask for good things to come and knowing one’s gotta work hard for it too, it’s not like chariots of fire will drop bags of goodies at us. ^^  This year has had to be if not the best, the most interesting, I’ve learnt so much, about me and how to be..I don’t know if it’s better, but I feel more “complete” like, I am being back to be my old me,by this I mean doing what I like,want , feeling good with myself, but also adding new stuff or maybe stuff that was kept there waiting for the right time to come out, who knows.  I decided in my heart I wanna be a gym instructor, a proper one, helping people out, giving them advice and all that, plus free workouts for life! I really love it so, gonna go for it. I’ve met most wonderful and amazing people ever,ever, also some of the lowest scumbags, but hey those are like not as exciting , also met lovely people, timing wasn’t really good…well it seems like that now ( kinda fresh breakup ,and the process and ya know ) but I am 100% sure looking back some time in the future , I will see it clearly and understand why is the timing so odd, and like I’ve wrote/said and told people, it’s not like “zomg I really like this person so Imma sit here make a campfire and chop some wood till she,if ever, is ready”  It is not like that, it’s just I’m KINDA picky, and I haven’t really liked many girls this year..so…it’s been 3 I think? No rush here,this ain’t a sprint point thingie at need for speed.  so, let’s see how it rolls. ne?  Also, I really dislike those girls who like me specially cos I’m rude, how is that attractive… and I’m not really rude, I just tell’em off in a straightforward way cos… that’s how it is.

I hope this new year will be freaking awesome, assuming it all doesn’t end on december 21, which would be a shame cos it’s a day away from my birthday and I wanna get 2 tattoos on my chest, I don’t know if I want to link them to my current tattoo, if this is possible with the kind of designs I am thinking of and if it will look good.  Hmmm, thing is I wish we all can keep on learning,enjoying and why not? Being happy, either alone, with friends, with a partner, with 2 or 10 cats, or 3 dogs.

Donna Lang, sistaaahhh,we MUST talk, ah so many things, 😀




What is the if in the what if

Today I woke up thinking about SO MANY things, wondering how the “I like this person” process works … sometimes you like someone the second you meet them, sometimes ever since you first start talking ( online or so ), or as you get to know them better, or for no reason whatsoever..or then you start to like them in different ways or not to like them at all.


Listening to music I usually don’t listen to….some are..well not romantic but… I guess… this whole thing is so confusing, I think… I don’t know what to think, hence I ponder and ponder, new questions arise and no answer comes yet… Also I fear my next birthday… fucking 3o years…gah ,gonna be cool but it’s gonna be super weird,I am  blessed to look younger, but I’m still gonna be 30 and had done slim to none with my life…having had a good healthy loving relationship or properly learnt more languages…

dunno which tattoos i will get either

I am now wearing two watches because… I can’t choose one lol.


I have friends.


I am gonna make a video about the gym, stupid women and misconceptions ¬¬

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