Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 and the whole saga

Ok,so I enjoy vampire stories, on the fashion of Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite ,anime vampires like Vampire hunter D, Hellsing, Trigun, Shiki, movies like Underworld,Dracula,Blade and random folk stories, you see what I mean. So I had to check out these “sparkling” vampires…

No,I don’t think these are real vampires, or cool ones, come on ,they do sparkle!! I do not hate the twilight saga, I watched the movies and I find it amusing as hell, it’s like, you wanna laugh and just think “wtf..that makes so little sense” while you are watching,so if you are like a super fan and will want to burn my ass after reading please stop right now and go to another blog / review

You good? k! Well the mere idea of vampires going to school ,over and over… if you aren’t in a Youkai school you can’t be doing that ¬_¬ , how come you are not going around , to different cities, places, exploring, being a rockstar, I don’t know, you could at least seduce people on the Paris streets or something.  That being said…why the fuck do they sparkle…sunlight…why the fuck are they not at least sensitive to freaking sunlight?? If you aren’t Blade or a very elder and awesome vampire sun is bad! period!!! What is your problem! The reddish eye thing is nice…the rest..well… Bella “hunting” cracked me up, seriously, are you a mountain lion? Also wtf, why does Kristen Stewart has the very same facial expression all the fucking time, THE VERY SAME. like if she was constipated or something..yo I am not a KS hater, I absolutely love that silly never changing face,I watched Snow white and the huntsman ❤ I just find it slightly disturbing.

I love the wolves,I mean the CGI it’s pretty cool,they look so soft! And the whole ancient tribe is very very nice, reminds me of the Garu.  I find it unnecessary for Jacob to take his shirt off all the time, I mean if I was a guy I’d like to show off my gym work ,wait…when my gym work does show,I will deff be showing it off like a motherfucker!! But that’s another story.  So all in all, the Volturi..they are cool, Aro dude is hilarious with the crazy eyes..ahhaah omg..and Jane…I admit it…Twilight grabbed my interest when I saw Dakota Fanning was there u.u , yes feel like a pedobear!  so she’s cool…not like she does a damn lot though…she just stares at you…and for what I saw, it’s bad if you catch her…so the trick is you can’t cos she’ will let you on your knees first but,hmmm, maybe she should do as Alice ( omg I love Alice ) and also work out some kung fu fighting skills? That’d be pretty good…

Well..there’s not really much to say about this… ah yes Bella was all “vamp-glam” during the movie..and at the end she was all…don’t have a word for this in english…ah yes there is “a slob” HAHAHAHA like come on,you won and now you don’t care for your clothes or hair? -_-  Ah right, the irish vampires, the best ones were the amazonas chicks!! oh and the funny russian? ones with the thick accent . seeking for vengeance and stuff.

Just go and watch the movie,watch all the movies, don’t read the books tho..really…and if you want some cool vampires, I mentioned some before. This is amusing tho.

PS arm wrestling? That’s how goofy these vamps are -_- made me laugh

I really don’t think Edward is attractive … O.o

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