WoW got me,finally ( a bit on my other games )

So, I had been resisting to play WoW for ages…now I was finally convinced and…well..yes it’s pretty cool!! u.u! I made myself a blood elf hunter which is one of my favourites, she has battle pets and what not,but I’m kinda stuck after level 20…so I wanted a druid and to be in the horde I had to choose a troll, I don’t really like how they look…but she will be a supplier I guess. And then…I couldn’t help myself, and made a Worgen rogue…they are so cute,and the fucking storyline and the ambiance is AWESOME, all european werewolf ! They even have such accents, so that is the one on the contrary side. She’s level 13 now.they have plenty cinematics and they use cannons ❤

I don’t forget my other games, I log in to Tibia to let my chars training, I guess I will keep doing that till I need breaks from WoW, I also have my Ragnarok monk,she’s fine kind of makes me meh to think of all the monsters I have to kill to get the next class thing…fly for fun meh I don’t feel like playing that, Dungeons and Dragons online I will download eventually, I had cool characters there,I don’t think I will get LOTRO tho.




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