First and last Bday party

So I had an attempt of a birthday party, well a pre-birthday party actually… it was rather interesting, cos I suspected from the beginning that it would not turn out as I could of had expected, I made things very clear from the beginning, I think they got it all wrong ,cos I wasn’t good delivering my message, I didn’t want to impose my music taste , I wanted to share it, to let people see what it was like when I was alone I guess, what kind of things I liked… it was not the best idea, I mean some people didn’t complain, amazingly cos honestly I expected them to be more closed, so nice for that, some well didn’t complain but made a lot of jokes..which yes was annoying, but a good friend told me not to get mad cos it was hard to listen to new things while drinking,at a party,etc.. which may be true,,but you don’t see me giving people crap for their music..except banda, I fucking hate it, then again no one appreciates it that I try and endure that kind of music all the time in sake of being around my friends, I don’t make them listen to my stuff,except now and then, I show them a video or some shit.. meh,that was me trying to broaden my taste and be less closed.

Also I invited tons of people, like 52, in reality I think if we were 25 it was a lot, and many didn’t last, I guess they didn’t like the music… that was…weird… I felt quite offended, then again those who stayed were fine, till  they were like “your party is over,can we play something else?” whoa excuse me, I asked of everyone to bear with me for one freaking night,if you can’t make room in your damn brain for new things and have to hurry to get back into your comfort zone…well that is pretty lame.

I got an Arch Enemy T-shirt! as all metal bands T-shirts is tad too big,but I love it nonetheless, I’m wearing it now,I got a Duff beer T-shirt too  :3  and 2 bottles of alcohol… which is pretty amusing cos I drank yesterday and I’m not drinking till the 25th a little for the dinner,I am gonna drink like twice a month,and not massively, I am taking gym seriously now, also I spend too much on alcohol. so there ya go,less ocassions for me to go and have to put up with stuff I don’t like.

Man I’m between pissed off and dissapointed… so much for trying to be flexible, and hello ipod that I will carry around all the time,see who makes who listen to what.

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