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Yes, it’s about that Popof song, I just was introduced to them, listening to one’s gf’s Ipod is quite interesting, I liked tons of songs.

Anyway,that is absolutely not the point of this post, the point is, this is vegan style.  http://youtu.be/4ubOaIhlRX0   Regarding this particular subject, I do think plants and trees have some level of ,hummm, see, the whole not eating or exploiting animals, by not treating them as commodities that one can own, it’s cos they are sentient beings, they share basic emotions and needs with us, therefore I feel no right to participate in the slaughter of such beings, how can you go and eat a pig, knowing they sing to their piglets when nursing and have dreams and are aware of their environment and their existence in the world…? I just can’t and I won’t, anyway I’m straying,  the thing is, plants are living beings, the earth itself it’s alive, and we are kicking it in the face continuously , I do believe all natural disasters which seem to increase are caused basically cos we keep polluting,consuming and not giving much in return, as one song by The Agonist says : “Why not end all innocent lives right now? We bring nothing and claim the crown” I have to say I agree with this, I am not an anti-human person or anything, as many believe vegans can be, I have never liked people so much, cos we are here taking and using, and we are the only species that kill and inflict pain just for the sake of it, being aware of what our actions cause. But I do think if we, cannot respect a “basic” life form as of a pig, how can we expect to treat each other in decent ways? Also ,and it intrigues me, most people “love” dogs or cats, yet they go and eat chickens. When and how did we decide who gets to be part of the family and who gets to be eaten and seen as a milk,egg or meat machine?


I’m not around hugging trees and wanting to save the world , I’m not a freaking hippie living in fantasy land, I have eyes, ears and a brain, so I know what’s going on, I’m not expecting everyone to go vegan and we all to hold hands, if only many people at least reduced the amount of meat they eat it’d be healthier, easier on the planet ( cattle raising sure contaminates a damn lot ) and cheaper too, also I don’t expect to see the world free from Burger King and McDonald’s and what not, ( I won’t even mention the exploit on the workers..that’s a whole damn different story ) but they could at least have their providers not to furtherly and unnecessarily abusing the animals, stealing milk from a cow is bad enough, and some assholes still punch them in the face real hard, now , you can have your chicken stuff if you must ( for now, some day…some day ) but I don’t see any possible reason why would they have to stomp on the chicken… “humane killing” what’s with that term anyway? Slicing one’s throat is humane nowadays…? Really..

On the plants, I do think trees have some level of conciousness , as well as plants rooted in the earth that live long, I do think fruits and vegetables have a natural cycle and we just get them when they are ready to go and thus harm nothing and no one. IF and just IF , all plants do have feelings, we still kill so much more of them by raising cattle than by eating them directly. I know I may get into people’s nerves and sometimes bore them with this… but I just feel strong about it and wanna let it be known, but it’s not all judgement, I do say things like “Yo,eating death again eh?” cos I do think that, but I also don’t judge them all, it’s how we have been raised, just some of us decide to re-learn things,and my friends are good people. I’m making this vegan eating day with them, I’m gonna cook it all,so they can see it’s tasty and even if they still eat animals, they can often also ingest healthy stuff.  Also I can use the practice in my cooking. And sharing and cooking for others show love and interest…it’s what I think.

I still wonder why some people consider I’m a cold hearted deprived from feelings person…. well yes, it’s convenient most of the time they think this, but if they knew… that’s why I have few friends, and that is awesome. Now, I’m gonna end this post with one last thought, I am not a crazy ecologist save the world and the sheep girl, I just try to lead a lifestyle that harms the animals and the earth the least.  Also someday I’ll live in a cabin and have my own farm kinda and what not… and I hope it’ll be like that , but let us not wonder about the future for now, let us just hope and work for it.  We all may die horribly in unexpected manners so it’s best to be at ease knowing you do the things you want to do and that you let know the people  you care for and love, that you do,so if you go, there’ll be no regrets.

Now I’m super gay .




And for fuck’s sake do not support animal testing, it’s barbaric.

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