Pagan style updated

Drinking green tea and planning to cook pasta sauce for the very first time,also I have decided to take on a new …approach to the pagan faith, I still find my heart is in it, but as with all the things that exist or will exist, I’m gonna make my very own version of it. For example, I’ve grown a bit suspicious of the use of symbols in modern culture, how they got where and maybe somehow they mean something and we are mislead to believe otherwise, I do not know this for sure and I think I will never do so, but for the time being , I took off my 2 pentagrams in my room , just in case ,you know,but I have no problem with the one on my arm, I mean, even if it’s not exactly what I thought, it is for me, and there is no way to change that, also,to certain point humans need to represent things, I consider this should be done carefully and after much research tho.

So I’m gonna keep the connection to nature, which I feel stronger than ever since I turned full-throttle vegan, the idea of whatever it was that created us is genderless but having it easier to use some distintic names now and then, and well, the change of seasons and what not, these are the things that I’m gonna do.

On another note, watch all movies by Lars Von Trier, most are…well everyone suffers and is miserable and cries and dwells in despair. Sweet.

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