Señorita a mi me gusta su style

Title has nothing to do with anything, but I’m listening to that song and I really like it so there ya go.

Watched “Idiocracy” movie, I had before, but it’s been a while,and those things seemed,well not so “shit,shit is how things are already!!”  The movie is about how the less smart people keeps having more and more kids and smart ones, well not so many, so world ends up being populated by really stupid people who don’t question anything,sit on their asses, like violence and eat junk food, they won’t even drink water… wait a second…. Isn’t that pretty much how we are nowadays? Not so “literal” if you may, but we do believe what others ( government ,TV, media,etc ) tell us and buy many things that we don’t really need and that aren’t good for our health. There is one scene, when they discuss why they don’t drink water anymore, and it’s cause… Brawndoo energy drink thing has “electrolytes” and that’s what we all need, said brand bought the freaking FDA,so it was deemed necessary and good, but when being asked why exactly they drank it,people just kept repeating “it’s what we need” ” it has electrolytes” sounded SO MUCH like those stubborn people yelling WE NEED PROTEIN left and right when talking about meat and such ¬¬(I am pretty sure we are not far from that, I mean, largest companies just keep buying smaller ones and more and more rights, so there we go).

Other than that I have a new gym routine, it’s lifting the most weight I can handle only 6 times then doing some weird ass jumping  work out about 10 times, so there ya go, also they are gonna implement cross fit, I AM SO JOINING IT. I have dropped numbers in a lovely way, I mean measurements and %’s of fat,not just weight,and I am sorta looking good,just belly is taking longer, but we will get there.  I’m not putting up any picture of mine until I’m hot on my facebook         xD.

The other things are good,maybe I’m thinking too much about certain things… but that happens quite often so I’m trying not to. Still.



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