And you don’t seem to understand

Yeh, I’m listening to Duvet, by Boa…  Serial Experiments : Lain..anime,no? ok.. So, I was thinking about this ahm , whole gender thing and the sexual orientation and what not, I was told to read a book, the naked monkey, and I shall, but it won’t change my mind, I do mind the other person’s gender, as bad and “shallow” as it sounds, cos it is fucking different, everything is, and I like breasts and vaginas,thank you, BUT the thing is, I don’t really like them all, I mean, humm, I don’t really give a fuck about people or sex or whatever, EXCEPT when I start a relationship I kinda get into it, for like some few weeks, cos honestly, it’s not really nice, even hurts most of the time, so I just keep trying, but nah, it won’t do,I’ve kinda of liked it once, and notice the “kinda”  BUT, in my current situation I’ve found out a new whole … shall I call it possibility? We’ve all heard there’s gay people, straight people, “heteroflexible” which I consider is utter crap, it just saying you mainly like dudes or girls but can have some of the other,I dunno,junk. There’s also “pansexual” and asexual people, sorry to sound so rude, but I really don’t believe in such things, anyway, I’ve always thought I’m gay, then this one time, I try dating a guy, then I considered myself 1000X gayer than before, cos omg, no, no men. But then again… I never reaaaally liked sex with women… I like looking at some, in tv, but not like ogling them and barking at the screen, haha, I usually pay more attention to the face actually, boobs are ok and asses,well yeh they are there… I’m sorta super apathetic about that, so  I was thinking, well maybe I’m just… very specific oriented, just more willing to “try” with 1000% more willing, so ah I found out 3 years later it has a name: “demisexual” thanks. 

So my conclusion,so far is… gender matters to me, but a lot of other things do,that I’ve found only in this one person so…oh and don’t take me wrong, people can be bigendered if they wish or be “pansexual” or like make love to the sun, I really don’t mind or judge, just don’t have sex with animals,that’s abuse, and neither babies or children or really old people who can’t say no or just people who don’t wanna ok? Ah and I don’t think men are gross or something, some look just fine, I just don’t wanna have sex with them or kiss them or shit. Leave me the hell alone.

1463038.6849668(please notice my TOTALLY unrelated image )

Oh right, I wrote an open letter on my facebook, about radical super extreme vegans who won’t kill a cockroach cos it’s a living being… I mean, I don’t go and smash ladybugs or butterflies or ants, you know, if they pose no threat ( carrying diseases, invading my house, yes I know we are invading nature as well ) I don’t mess with them, luckily I have 3 cats so I don’t worry much about it, they chase and kill them, and since they are freaking cats it’s ok. Cos I had to read this…question, a person wondered how to prevent his/her cats from hunting birds.. it’s in their nature to prey.. not in ours, but other animals can truly jump onto squirrels and eat them, why would be playing god, as usual and deciding what can they do or not? Really, I mean dogs following vegetarian or vegan diets is ok, cos they have evolved to be omnivorous, but cats can’t, so what to do. And that is why people think we are a bunch of crazy maniacs, some are, but I’m not.

Now on other subjects, I’m feeling the latinamerican vibe,  so I’m all Aterciopelados, some Kinky ( a band, but besides..muahaha ), and what not, also I found out “Adventure time” is a humm series,thing, very fucking weird… I like it, it’s all pure nonsense, which is what we love,yeah we do.  I shall watch some more anime, I got new gym routine which is FUCKING AWESOME, I love it, makes me work so hard cos I have to lift a fucking damn lot of weight.  :B  I’m starting to look nice, just that belly, ugh. We killing it, we may ( knock on wood ) go to Cancun so.

Oh yeah, I’ve watched TONS of movies, best one was yesterday’s night one… blood and sex nightmare…cos when you can sense a demon/spirit/dead person and you interpret his voice as being of a japanese man…well. That fucking rocks.


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