Madness is the kiss I’ll give to you

Yeh, I’m just like using titles of songs for my blog posts, then again songs do suit the mood I am in to write so.  This time is aboud acid,LSD, whatever you call it, but it’s not like I’m gonna tell you all details about how it was and stuff, and no, I didn’t see funky colours or anything, it was just…out of focus/in-focus lol time kinda.

What is important is, that I think, I feel  that I can keep growing as a person, and no, it’s not cos of some sort of.. epiphany I had that was drug induced, I wanna make it clear cos it’s what old me would think by reading that, so in case any of you is quick to judge like that, take it easy.  I mean , I had this idea, very clear and very set on my mind on how taking acid was, and I honestly thought they all would be like being silly and just, I dunno, like messing around, it was more than that, it was fun and we learnt to use the balero, and well, what I’m trying to say is I had misconceptions on what it’d be like  to do this or other thing, like that trip we had to México city. I was so worried about not having fun or being super bored or you know, just a long list, and it turned out fucking good, much much better that I could had never imagined,so have been all the other things that I had worried about before, and when she has said “it’s gonna be ok” It certainly has been ok,way super ok.  I will listen to her then.

So the deal is, I’m gonna let it be, no people, do not even dream of me being like peace and love time and hand candies to everyone, that is not me and I do not wish to be like that, I am looking for a “middle” ground, a bit towards the good ‘ol Nancy but with a new perspective, a mind that is more open on those aspects that I have always kept damn well shut. I will try my best,no I will not think too much beforehand, I will just think things are going to be good, and relax, also I shall try to be a little bit more patient,and not to think so foreahead… and let it flow, not like I’m gonna be all carefree and never worry, just not so damn much.  I mean, I do want to think in my future, I’m with her, but there’s no use in worrying about it, just keeping it real and just enjoying the fact that we exist and with things like that, it’s pretty likely to happen that way methinks.

Now on the jealousy.. I’m terrible with that, I mean she has NO IDEA how bad it really can be, cos I hold it back a damn lot cos well, I can tell she’s really down for it and she is really really prrr with me, except when I’m fchhh, but then again when I’m fchhhh not even I can stand myself so…

As you read, this was not so much about the acid thing, but the things that I realized,cos I was sure it was gonna be kinda bad and….the reality is…it was good! fun, and even if I’m not gonna be like super good friends with her friends, which is cool by me, we kinda get along well so  :B



Ah yes, I LOVE Marceline from Adventure time, well I like the whole thing, I never thought I would,so never say never people,except for threesomes, those are not fucking gonna happen.

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