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So, I’m downloading the prequel to Higurashi no naku koro ni , Requiem from the darkness and Seikimatsu occult Gakuin, yes I hit the horror genre page, you know how I LOVE supernatural and horror anime. But before that is ready to be watched , I witnessed this : Kuttsukiboshi

What is this story? Well, it’s yuri, very fucking weird and it makes NO sense,well kinda, so this girl meets another one, let’s call them psycho girl and blondie, and I wanna use the word psycho cos she has powers, telekinesis and teleportation and what not… so blondie tries out an “experiment” with some eh metal figures , that are united, so psycho girl separates them and then she figures out she has some sorta ability, ok= all good till there, they of course end up having sex, by the pool, in the pool and at some classrooms, yes plural, that is so-so for yuri anime so ok, BUT THEN, the chapter 2 ( only 2 OVA’s ) …we find out blondie’s bro is dead, so she gets sad or something and tricks psycho girl into meeting her at the hum cleaning room-on-top-of-roof that all japanese schools seem to have, then she uses some romantic clorophorm on her , kisses her until she is willing and they have sex for what seems to be a whole week…until psycho girl’s parents call ( after a freaking week,come on damn people ) so she leaves, and wonders what is up with blondie,cos kidnapping your eh friend and having maniac sex for days is a bit weird, even for japanese people.

Then we find out…no wait, blondie goes to school only to see psycho girl, they go to some hotel and have sex,in the tub, oh right before this they have sex in the subway and no one gives a damn fuck,so she tells PG she is leaving Japan, so well, psycho girl can read blondie’s memories and finds out the dead brother wanted to have some of his lil sis,oh yeah ( eew ) before dying you know… so she gets a bit mad, and things float and she fucking teleports to the aeroplane’s bathroom where blondie is, they converse about the incestous dead bro and they confess their eternal and undying love… they’ve been knowing each other for some weeks..then again kidnapping and lots of sex seem to bring people closer… Hmmm… interesting…erm anyway, they go to ahm some other planet or some shit and psycho girl is like all-in-one cos she can see the future and knows they will be together forever..and it ends…

Yes, I know. wtf dudes…was..okish tho.

7BC98166EImage is… is… RELATED. so art is not super awesome and the story is what the hell, but it’s ok if there’s nothing more.

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