Si..cometí un gravísimo error al pensar que podía entregarme a la recapitulación por unos días, y con la renovada energía y el enfoque distinto de mi ser bastaría para no caer en deslices similares… Es algo que se debe practicar diario, ya lo he entendido, es algo que será parte de mis días ,uno tras otro, eso ya lo sé y lo he comprendido.  The last frontier.


The right kind, let me tell you how it was :

I saw , what the world is really like ,how we are connected to it and to everything else that comes from the earth, how the ground palpitates , just like blood flows in veins, traces of colours float freely around, animals are well aware of our presence , if someone ever doubted they possess conciousness , they should try being around them like this.

I felt ,and understood, everything that don Juan ever mentioned, the fibers on the core of the body, the air rushing the clouds in the sky, the stars  are so much brighter, the plants breathe and have secrets dialogues,  I asked for forgiveness , to earth and our brothers and sisters animals, for what we’ve done, I let go of my basics fear to rejection, to the insecurity about me, I know what is it that I wanna do, at risk of being slightly less tolerant, must fix that.

The moon and the fire was of a rainbow glow, every form, every flame and every leaf on the ground had a perfect harmony.


This isn’t something I dreamt of, it’s what I was able to appreciate while the medicine was working.



The V word

Yes, vegan is what I’m talking about, well vegetarians too, I’m in this facebook group ( well, on like 3 ) and this debate came up, sort of vegetarians vs vegans, some arguing vegans look down on vegetarians and some saying it’s all the same crap cos to get vegetables soil is used and farmers underpaid and what not. Well the carbon footprint from a vegan is way smaller than one of a meat eater, and still smaller than an ovo/lacto vegetarian, still, I don’t think we should look down on vegetarians, I am thrilled when I know someone will at least eat less meat, like my girlfriend she does eat meat but not in obscene quantities, she enjoys many vegetables and fruits and is aware of what is going on, maybe someday she’ll go full vegetarian, maybe not, like I said, changing things even a little bit seems wonderful to me, and leads to more, my mother has quit red meat altogether, rarely has chicken or fish, we are getting there, cos she feels it’s right and she feels healthier now too, plus I cook amazing stuff for all of us.

Just by being here, in this planet, we humans waste it, we use resources like mad, out of pride and greed, just by taking the bus or buying something you are adding to it, BUT, you can try to make it easier on mother earth, you may wanna reuse/reduce/recycle, not litter the streets, making your own cleaning stuff ( it’s cheaper too !! ) switching from brand names for others that besides not testing on animals, are made in more natural ways and are too, usually cheaper, you may prefer to walk and/or use bus or a bicycle instead of owning a car, you may dream of eventually going away to a little hut or something and growing your own food ( hell yeah ! ) whatever thing we do is a good start, or a good step, being jerks to people who still consume eggs and dairy seems stupid to me, we can’t all change our minds at the same time, I was a vegetarian for 12 long years, I honestly thought there was no harm on eating eggs, since the hen wasn’t killed and I thought they had decent lives and I did not know male chicks were killed on sight, so to speak, now that I do it horrofies me, not to mention the health issues that animal products mean.

You don’t like how the world is ? Well, stop buying from big companies, maybe stop eating meat or eat way less, stop giving to them.



Ahora en español, que si no, no me pelan. Ok estando en uno de mis grupos de veganismo y eso, surgió el debate de toda la vida, sobre vegetarianos vs veganos, que si unos se conforman y que si unos son mejores, nadie está diciendo que  sólo por ser vegano seas buena persona, das menos joda al ambiente si, y eso lo puedes extender más al consumir productos más naturales ( shampoos, hacer tu propio limpiador etc ) que además son más baratos, la cosa es que de todo eso salió el tema de la explotación humana y el desempleo… bueno , ya solo por existir jodemos mucho al pobre planeta, pero podemos contribuir menos en ello, de eso se trata esta vaina, de hacer menos daño, es casi imposible ser inocuo a la tierra como humano , porque hemos olvidado amarla y respetarla, pero hay muchas cosas, pequeñas y grandes que podemos hacer.

¿Tienes animales de compañia ? Esteriliza, no los cruces. Trata de reusar/reciclar/reutilizar, no pidas bolsas de plástico en la medida de lo posible, camina, usa el bus, no apoyes a las trasnacionales ( yo a la tienda ahora voy sólo por aceite de oliva , lo demás en el naturista ) cuestiona lo que te transmiten los medios, busca información alternativa, oficial, de izquierda y de derecha, piensa, siente, escucha esa voz interna que te dice que está bien, vive intensamente, erradica miedos, busca la felicidad , mira más allá de lo físico, date tiempo de ir a un parque, siéntate bajo un árbol, abraza a un animal.

Una manera muy buena de darle una patada en las bolas al sistema es salirte de su círculo de comida-medicina-comida-medicina  :3

Así que hagan lo que hagan, hacedlo de corazón. Un saludo grande a quienes lean esto.


Barney y la mariposa prohibida

Bueno, han pasado tantas cosas, primeramente conocí Pachuca, luego le tomé gusto al mezcal y al pulque ( ay es que la Sra. de la carretera, poca madre y son de las que te cuentan cosas ) ya sin miedo a probar cosas nuevas , y agarrándole el gusto a lo nacional, bebida que enriquece el alma y el estomago, el espíritu y el corazón.


Y amo a mi novia 🙂

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