Ultimate Nancy list, if you like me read,if not read too,it’s interesting as hell!!

What I want and don’t want in a girl!!!


  • She should Speak english*
  • don’t want a girl who smokes lots of weed, or daily. a bit now and then may be ok but that’s it. not a weed lover. no.
  • Be intelligent*
  • don’t wanna girl who doesn’t drink AT ALL, I don’t want a drunktard but NOTHING,is a no go. recovering alcoholics are out of the question.
  • Be kinda geeky
  • No want girl who is way too “independent” and acts like she is barely in a relationship.
  • Like video-games
  • don’t want a  girl who is never ever jealous,no,no axe jealous, normal ,healthy, cute now and then jealous.
  • Like Horror movies
  • No like girl who puts her friends first,friends are important but I don’t wanna be number 5 on anyone’s list. Friends and partners should have similar spots.
  • Like cats/animals
  • Be a bit jealous but not maniac *
  • Be cute, (what *I* consider cute of course )*
  • Sexually agressive or at least like to have some*
  • Like to read/learn*
  • Like Anime
  • Don’t want a girl who is cold and unexpressive in her feelings.
  • Like/know how to cook
  • Not interested in a girl who is way too emotional.
  • Appreciate good things,people and actions*
  • Don’t wanna be with a girl who can’t be a single day without eating meat and will bitch about it, I’m not asking for vegetarians even,but ONE day come on. so she can enjoy my cooking haha.
  • Have pretty lips and eyes *
  • No want girl who doesn’t like/love animals
  • Like/have/not mind tattoos*
  • Don’t want a girl that is too angry at everything all the time. Having ideals is one thing,being mad at everyone is another.
  • Drink Beer & ____ *
  • Not a girl who never reaches out first,only after weeks have gone by
  • Like to have fun*
  • Not a girl who doesn’t like or wants to talk about important stuff,like feelings,what is she thinking,etc.
  • Like to watch movies at home
  • Not a girl who refuses to listen.
  • Likes to & kissing good*
  • Basically a girl who can’t communicate effectively.
  • Write as properly as possible *
  • Not a girl who is close minded,about what she thinks and she likes.
  • Be able to talk about serious stuff *
  • Not a girl who isn’t nice to me.
  • Be loving *
  • Be honest & faithful*
  • Like Nature

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