Akuma no Riddle light review ( ep. 9 ) SPOILERS

Ok so… This anime is great, I thought it was meh at first but it gets more and more intriguing, if you haven’t seen it..do so and freaking Mirai Nikki ❤


Mahiru/Shinya Bamba … what a sad story… I mean, I’m upset Isuke died but then again she was a total bitch, her past was kinda sad alright, but Tokaku saw her aunt being murdered by her grandma… Ichinose..well all those scars and she seems pretty useless tho ( except for the attack of the cell phone hilarious ) so it must mean she is radically powerful or she snaps and loses it or she was super bad ass but is now reforming…

So, for flash backs, Bamba was like being held captive in some… cell,or some room with steel walls, all alone..but there was some dude taking pictures and I think raping her or abusing her in some way, I don’t know if she was kidnapped by some lunatic or if it was her family or if she was sold for this… so one day she lost it and killed him, ( getting that scar on her face ) what happened then was, I think and it seems clear, that it’s when she splitted ( Multiple personality disorder ) and it’s how Shinya was born, protecting her… I wish we’d know more about that…maybe in the manga.

Ah right WTF those marks/tattoos/scarifications on Nio’s body??  I knew she had something weird going on,cos Mrs. Scissors got all scared when she cut her bow and saw beneath her shirt… and did she have filed teeth? what?



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