WII recommendations

Heya! Well I finished every single available manga title regarding Yuri that was available on Mangafox… I don’t know whether I should feel proud or ashamed …  Ahem,so I started enjoying my WII console ( I had to pawn it for a while ¬¬ ) and I wanna recommend these titles to you people :


Zelda: Skyward Sword : It’s the good old Link,there’s Zelda,who gets kidnapped ( if you are fans this is no surprise at all ) I dislike flying in them birds ( Loftwings ) but I LOVE the usage of the controller this time,you can really swing that damn sword around like it’s nobody’s business …you actually play Link for good…ah so good…I just entered second “stage” but I can tell you already I LOVE it love it love it. (Shall I remind you one of my tattoos is the Hyrule family crest along with the triforce…? )

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout : Yeah…I go to gym and I got me this one haha, It’s fun, I don’t know how plausible is for people to actually get fit using a videogame, but I reckon it’s much better to swing yourself around and try to dance ( even if you have 3 left feet like I do,and I write 3,cos they’d tangle so much ) than doing nothing,so give it a try,at least I found it quite amusing,and will add it to my everyday routine,see how it goes.

Project zero 2 : Known also as “Fatal Frame” it’s spooky ooky goodness, haunted spirit cameras,haunted houses,haunted everything.

Kirby return to dreamland : It’s Kirby…he inhales…has powers…can’t be better,can’t be.


I was eager to try zumba world party but it won’t freaking play properly on my console so that was it…I did try the Core edition but since I’m an awesome dancer…well I scored 0 everytime so I dropped it .  u.u

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