Hana to Hoshi

The flower and the star… isn’t that pretty? Well, you know I’ve been reading lots of yuri manga titles, few stand out, this one..oh my goodness, it’s super awesome cos it’s very different ,it made me laugh out loud ,which doesn’t happen easily and it’s cute, and the design is quite good,in the sense of…well few times protagonists are shown as…eh how to say it..random as fuck people, with crazy eyes,and on top of that Hoshino-san / we shall call her crazy random girl from now on / was fat as a kid, aewwww ,that’s super cute I don’t know why but it is.

So in most titles girls just meet and have sex,or have sex right after learning they like each other, of course it’s never just “liking each other” it’s “I’ve loved you since 15 years ago” ( ¬¬ ) so they kinda make up for it haha,which I can kinda understand…anyway,this is different cos ,well it just is, of course there is a common shared past and what not,but I thought it was brilliant and it seriously made me laugh so much,ahhh I just loved it to bits and I want you people to enjoy it as much as I did.


polish text? O.o

polish text? O.o

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