I finally decided to watch this anime title… it’s… well  I have to say I’m truly happy I did, let me tell you all about it.

Kuroki Tomoko is our protagonist, she wants to be popular, the thing is she has a social anxiety disorder, not like she’s shy or something,she has some real issues you see, I read many reviews before deciding on watching it cos I didn’t wanna feel bad for her, and well I kinda did and kinda didn’t… She is … creepy, and we can see she is lonely but she also shows a great animosity towards people that she judges as “scumbags” and “bitches”, maybe cos she wants to hang out with them tho…. We’ve been there right? Thinking most people are complete idiots…wait..I still kinda think that, I’m just not super angry about it anymore… hmmmm

I love,love,love Izumi Kitta ,she’s AWESOME, and my new favorite seiyuu,of course along the classic Kotono Mitsuishi and Megumi Hayashibara. I’m just starting to read the manga but I already know I won’t like it as much…that’s incredibly odd, I 99% of the time end up liking the manga better than the anime,but this…without her voice,the great work she does with her voice and her pscyho snaps, as I call them…also I love the design in the anime,maybe cause the manga lacks the blue dark circles…I dunno,it’s weird,but that’s how it is.

The anime intro is awesome,the ending is ok,but the random endings…the one on episode 5…omg I thought I’d die from laughing, I played it 3 times in a row…it even has Hatsune Miku… The visuals are outstanding, the facial expressions are priceless and once again,the voice acting is what I think has to be called PERFECT,absolutely perfect.

Not a title I’d recommend to anyone tho…also I love how she kinda resembles L ( Death Note ) and makes me think of a dark Konata went wrong ( Lucky Star )

Do watch.

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