Well, I’ve finally given into Korean music. I mean I liked these TWO songs by Brown Eyed Girls, the world’s famous “Abracadabra”  http://youtu.be/ofwFr8o8p0Y and “L.O.V.E”, but that was it, nor had I fully watched a dorama, I did watch a corean short movie about lesbians…it was very good,but it’s rare that it even exists…Korea has weird laws and morals. Anyhow ,onto the music.

I once worked at an anime expo,it was delightful, my boss was playing this damn DVD non-stop and one song lingered in my head,of course I know nothing about korean language, I only have decent ideas about Japanese, so I couldn’t remember a single phrase or a word, I left it at that.

But then…I met someone,who is now my girlfriend,she is very very into asian stuff,not just japanese or korean, so I thought she’d knew! and she tried to help me find this song, band is Super Junior, apparently super famous, lol, but the band has sub-bands ( wtf Korea ? ) so that why we couldn’t find the freaking title.

The song is this one :


So,it’s very sticky, it talks about silly stuff of course, but I like the dance and the language sounds nice to me,so I now, enjoy this song,along with “Bonamana” and “Mr.Simple” .  But I need more bands/singers, I’m thinking koreans don’t sing alone… I’ve seen bands from 5 to 13 members…then again a japanese women idol band AKB48, had 48 members..oh now they have 140.. seriously? ok asians prefer to go together,got it.