Less Facebook = More of everything else

Yeah, I did watch anime,read manga, watch my tv show’s newest episodes and what not, while I was a heavy Facebook user, but I gotta tell ya,since I decided to partially ditch it,and reserve it only as a mean to organize certain events, I’ve noticed changes right away,such as :

1.- I’m less stressed, about what others do,don’t do,stop doing,start doing,bad news all around all the time,new trends,old trends. I just mind my own damn business.

2.- I enjoy more my shows and readings without having this weird anxiety to reply as fast as possible to publications or to further comment on something. I can still do that of course, but it’s not of most importance.

3.- I have felt more like writing on my blog, giving new titles a try, and of course, I must admit I feel a lot less judged, yes, I don’t quarrel with people as often, I merely read other people’s blogs, I comment here and then,but I don’t waste my time on nonsense bickering, online bickering that is.

4.- I have the feel it’s gonna improve my personal relationships cause it kinda forces me,and the others, to actually arrange a meeting, a face to face one, not just spending some time commenting back and forth.

5.- I’m enjoying it very much,and it’s been one freaking day, hehe.


Notice my Scar-cup. thanks. Un-related