This anime…oh boy, I LOVE IT,have you watched “Equilibrium” with Christian Bale?  Well, if you have, and you liked it, you are gonna enjoy this one, if you haven’t you should.

This Psycho-pass is sort of like a “card” a virtual one, which shows your tendency to become a criminal, it has numbers and colours and shades, there are scanners on the streets and all. Of course the law exists but it’s something like this : the inspectors work along with the enforcers who are.. yes, latent criminals, kinda forced to work as hunt dogs… there’s no real weapons,well not old-school, just these Dominators, they scan you, and depending on your Criminal Coeficient , they go into paralyze mode, or lethal termination or well,you get the idea. So you are kinda screwed if by some means your CC is low even tho you are a maniac.

This is a society where everything is freaking handed over, you have a device to select your clothes, the food,with how many calories, how do you want your room to look,which career is best for you,it’s all settled, so there should be little to no stress..right? No, cause some people think this is not a real human way of living ( I must say I agree )

How on earth does one decide who is a criminal, how many points does she/he score and how to deal with them? Sybil System of course… yes, a totally automated super awesome program.

The characters are awesome,the story is super interesting, and there’s even a lesbian ( yes, that gives series a + in my book ) so please do watch it .

first season castpsycho-pass-review-3

second season cast Psycho-Pass 2

Look out specially for Tsunemori Akane and Kougami Shinya, you want character development ? You got it!!!