Love Stage! My first yaoi anime title

So it has finally happened, I willingly watched a yaoi anime… ok the only reason I did it it’s cause my girlfriend said it was good and funny and she was sure I’d like it… guess what? She was right.. I did laugh my ass off, I cared not for the “sexy” scenes, I am not your classical man-hater lesbian, I just don’t like boys,yes some men have pretty faces,and that’s cool,but that’s it. I guess that’s why I never even considered this genre.. I mean of course being the super curious person that I am, I have read about 3 yaoi mangas, one was shotacon yaoi… watched the OVA too, but it was basically a cross-dressing kiddo and some random guy sexing him up,so that was kinda gross to be honest…well pretty gross.


These guys tho… Ryouma ( the famous one, with purple hair ) was on a tv commercial with a girl when he was I don’t know, young, and this girl  ( Izumi ) turned out to be…yeah, a boy, but this didn’t change his feelings, said boy comes from a respectable supa line of talented people ( Sena family ), his mom is an actress,his dad is a singer and his older brother Shouga, is the vocalist from a band. He wants to be a mangaka tho, his drawing IS AMAZINGLY HORRIBLE ,and that’s the premise.

It did make me laugh, the characters are likeable, I insist, the sexy scenes did nothing for me,was close to watching het ( as in heterosexual ) scenes, nothing for me,but they weren’t too graphic ,I felt comfy cos the guy is an otaku and well, there’s no rape or stuff like that ( haven’t read the manga,not gonna,but  I hope it’s as light hearted as the anime is ) so if you have never ever watched yaoi and you wanna skip on the soooper draaaama , pick this one.

Also I wish I could watch more yuri like that, less drama and more funny moments and love, not freaking curses, or being doomed to be separated every single damn time ( you Kannazuki no Miko, you ) ,without rape ( you Kannazuki ¬¬ ) , without heavy angst, love octagons, forced marriages, transferring schools never to talk again and well, you can see my point. We want more happy yuri, not super happy easy no problem,but COME ONE PEOPLE. Specially not dying just when you have confessed your feelings and you know the other person loves you back and you wanna be happy together!!!!