A beautiful mind, that can recall many many names

That’s not my case, since you know i’m a big anime fan, well , I’m kinda picky now that I think about it… anyway, how can people remember every single freaking name?

I can remember most of the names,sometimes even full names,on the current animes that I’m watching, but after that’s done, my mind is left blank, some names come from ages ago so that’s a closed deal ( Ikari Shinji, Soryu Langley Asuka, Usagi Tsukino, Saotome Ranma, Tendo Akane – Nabiki – Kasumi, ,etc ) but watching some people go through names, and last names like it’s nothing really amazes me.

So to amuse myself I decided to make a list of names that I remember to the date.

Kuroki Tomoko ( Watamote protagonist, the brother is Tomoki duh, so pretty easy )

Enma ai ( Jigoku Shoujo, maybe cos it has 3 freaking seasons )

Tohsaka Rin ( I like magicians, and a tsundere one is best Fate/stay night)

Illyasviel von Einzenbert ( Yisus,how can one not remember this kind of name, Fate/stay night )

Stella Harvenheit ( same as above, Chrono Crusade )

Excel ( from Excel Saga.. pretty easy eh )

Gasai Yuno ( THE yandere girl, Mirai Nikki ) )

Banba Mahiru/Shinya ( Akuma no Riddle, split personality, kinda outstanding )

Izumi and Ryouma ( Love Stage my first real yaoi anime and prolly the last )

Kotono Mitsuishi ( a very freaking awesome seiyuu )

Hayashibara Megumi ( gave voice to many, many dear characters )

Misaki Mei ( Another )

Izumi Konata ( my favourite otaku girl )

I don’t even try and dare to do this with korean people, those names are still too strange to me, too short >.<

… that was it… I’m sure there are about 5 others I can remember, some i do but i dislike them,so they are off the list, like freaking Emiya Shirou puahj! ( Fate/Stay )


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