229th G-View: Selector Spread WIXOSS

I’ve never reblogged ANYTHING,but this review just nailed it, and I was excited about letting people know about this show cos it’s so so so so awesome… and well,since you are on it, check this guy’s blog it’s really,really good, I’ve found many jewels thanks to him.

Also if you are new to yuri or wanna know more about anime titles and manga,well this is your best choice,go ahead and check it out.

The Yuri Empire

Warning! The comments section of this review will contain SPOILERS. It is recommended to skip past posted comments unless the reader has also watched both seasons. This is Selector Spread WIXOSS.

Here’s the season 1 review:

212th G-View: Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Spread WIXOSS Cover

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